Posted by: wildflowerz | October 15, 2013

When I wanted you, you would not reciprocate. When I needed you, you would always show up late. But things have changed, and I’ve got the upper hand. You can run and I’ve got you eating out of my hand.

Good morning internet.  How’s it going?  Pretty good here.  I’ve had a bit of a cold since last Wednesday or so, but I’ve been okay other than that.  Em spent the night with a friend on Friday.  I felt pretty crappy so instead of us going out to see a movie I had minimal interest in, we just went out for Chinese and then came home and watched a movie.  Saturday morning Em had a soccer game.  The team they played had two girls that were on her team the first half of last year.  It seems those girls didn’t think Em’s coach was serious enough and moved to a different team.  Yeah.  Em’s team won.  By a LOT.  Em did really well too.  She even played forward some and got a shot on goal.  That’s big for her.  She generally played defender or mid-defender or sometimes goalie.  Since she’s never anywhere near the other team’s goal, she rarely has an option to score.  She’s also usually pretty hesitant with taking a shot on goal.  So, this is actually pretty big in our world.  🙂  She did a really good job the whole game too.  I was so proud of her. 🙂  That evening, I took Em and a friend to a Ninja Nerf Wars event at her TKD studio.  She had a ton of fun, but was super tired when we got home.  Chris went out to see Gravity (the aforementioned movie I had no interest in) and I stayed in and was sick.  😛  Sunday we didn’t do a lot of anything.

Yesterday I had my physical at the doctor’s office.  He was super proud of how I’d done with the dieting.  He didn’t have a lot to say about how I was hungry all the time.  His advice?  Protein with breakfast and eat more vegetables.  Yeah.  Thanks Dr. Obvious.  I had blood work done and I’ll be going back in 2 weeks for the results from that.  I mentioned the note for WW and he said he’d do that if I needed it, but was confused about why WW needed it.  In the end, he said to go ahead and shoot for the WW number.  So, now my goal is 146 instead of 150.  😛  Whatever.  I figure I’ll aim for 146 now and when I get closer, I’ll re-evaluate.  Right now, I feel like I’d like to lose enough that the next smaller size jeans.  🙂

Ooh, exciting!  I’m going today to get new shoes!  Big Peach, here I come!  I’m seriously excited.  I’m a few months overdue for a new pair and I’m very excited.  Can you tell?  🙂

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