Posted by: wildflowerz | October 25, 2013

Though where it’s hollow, take a dance with the dead. Put reality to bed. If your misery needs company, call on me.

Starting Weight: 239.2
Current Weight: 161.4
Weekly Change:  +0.4
Total Loss: 77.8
4th and Final Goal: 93.2 (146lb Goal Weight)
Daily Points Allowance: 26
Activity Point Earned Last Week:  43
Weekly Points Used Last Week:  18

Yeah.  I really don’t know.  This was a pretty good week, I thought.  I got more exercise in than I have the past few weeks.  I’m still doing an egg at breakfast, so it’s a larger meal than it has been in the past.  I did neglect to get those awesome EatSmart veg in the bag, but I’ve still stayed totally within my points.  And I didn’t do that cinnamon/honey thing this week.  I’m horrible at remembering.  I don’t know if it really did anything, but it’s all I can really think of.  I’m not going to be too fussed about the whole thing.  It’s just 0.4 and I’ve lost 3.8 for the previous two weeks.  But I’m not gonna lie:  it feels like I’ve been stuck in the 160s FOREVER.  Gah!  And I was less than 2lbs from being a total of 80lbs down.  Oh well.  It’s a new week now.  I don’t plan on changing much this week.  I do plan on doing more of the veg and trying the cinnamon/honey thing again, but that’s about it.  Nothing major.

We did the gaming thing last Saturday.  Unfortunately I had a godawful headache.  It just would not go away.  And I’m not sure what the deal is, but the guys always immediately pick a game that’s going to take FOREVER.  I MUCH prefer short games.  That way you can play many more of them or sit out one here and there and you aren’t stuck sitting out for ages.  Seriously.  They started this game at 2:30 and were finally done just before 6pm.  Oh well. 😛  Sunday we did nothing but watch movies all day long.  It was pretty awesome. 🙂

Em finally learned the last part of her form at TKD on Monday.  She’s been practicing like mad all week and was in a hurry to get her homework done by yesterday, even though it wasn’t due until today.  She was going her second time last night instead of today and she wanted to tell her teacher (leader?  whatever).  Well, her usual one wasn’t there, so she didn’t really get the chance to show off her form or talk about the homework.  In fact, she was pretty annoyed because they were going over the new part of the form very slowly (how you do when you’re learning it) and I could see Em rolling her eyes, wanting to show off her skills.  But she kept it together and followed instructions.  It was kind of funny.  Her teacher talked to us after class and said he’d been talking with her regular leader and they definitely want Em to go up to the Black Belt Club.  She kind of has to since she’ll be progressing to camo belt, but he said he definitely thought she was ready.  My tough little girly!

I’m a little uneasy about soccer.  There’s one girl that was on Em’s team last year.  She was also on Em’s team her first year at U8.  She goes to a different elementary school than the two the girls on her team go to, so she only knows them all through soccer.  She’s constantly falling down and seems to be faking like she’s hurt.  She’s crying a lot and doing tantrums.  No one on the team really likes her.  It seems like they mostly just kind of ignore her rather than actually be mean to her, so at least there’s that.  But she’s a real pill.  I can say that Em doesn’t seem to be one that doesn’t like her.  From what I can see, anyway, she’s usually friendly to her, though not overly so.  I don’t think the girl returns that.  A few weeks ago, she was complaining about always having to partner with Em.  Em’s not specially friends with anyone else on the team either.  I don’t think anyone else particularly likes her, though I don’t think they dislike her either.  That’s why Em and this girl are usually paired up.  I think a lot of it with Em is about ability.  Em’s clearly the worst on the team.  Obviously I’m not going to tell my child that or even mention it outside of here.  When I say that, though, it’s not like Em’s two left feet and horrible.  She’s not at all.  Just all the other girls are better.  It’s a really  good team this year.  And if Em were interested in practicing soccer as much as she is in TKD, she’d probably be awesome.  Or if soccer practices were as structured as TKD classes.  But they aren’t.  And that’s fine.  She likes to play and she gets out there and runs and has to work with a team.  That’s really all we want for her with it.  I guess I’m just trying to explain the dynamic a little bit.  Anyway, I’ve meandered.  The reason I’m uneasy is that I’ve heard the coach several times make derogatory comments about this girl to another mom and to me.  Em’s coach is also one of her GS leaders.  She’s one of the much less active ones, but still a leader.  So, I don’t know.  The other mom she’s talking to is one of the over-the-top moms with sports.  She’s constantly yelling at her kid at games.  She told some story earlier this week about her kid not running enough at a game and she yanked her out of the game and took her home and made her run and run until she was crawling she was so tired.  And it was 95 degrees out.  I just…no.  Anyway, her kid doesn’t like this outcast girl AT ALL and is rather aggressive to her.  It seems to me that’s something the coach should address, but she’s making comments about her on the side too.  Now, to add another wrinkle, the outcast girl’s dad is the assistant coach.  So he’s there and he’s seeing what’s going on, so I also feel that if it should be addressed, it’s up to him to do something about it.  I don’t know.  The whole thing makes me feel weird.

Today I’ve got to take Em to get some spacers put on her bottom teeth.  She’s getting some bands around a  couple of her bottom teeth next week.  Tomorrow Em’s got a soccer game at 12:30.  Then another on Tuesday at 6pm.  The Tuesday one is against this “might as well be Academy” team.  They play like Academy.  For instance, I was looking Em’s league’s stats.  Em’s team is in 2nd place at 4-0.  This team they’ll play is at #1 at 5-0.  But their number of goals is over twice what Em’s team has.  Yeah.  It’s never fun to play this team.  At all.  At least they’ll get some practice with a better team.  And luckily, they’re going to come to us.  This is a team from another league.  Originally we were supposed to travel to them (and they have REALLY crappy fields), but the game was cancelled.  They were so eager to make it up (NO idea why) that they agreed to come to us on a week day.  Yeah.  Anyway, Em’s TKD is doing Trunk or Treat on Saturday too, so we might do that.  We’ll see.


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