Posted by: wildflowerz | October 28, 2013

I should have known from the sound of your sad refrain, you need some cash, you got to go. How about a slow game of dominoes? You know what I’m talkin’ about. I’ve got all the time in the world.

Hi there internet.  I just got back from my follow-up doctor appointment after my physical.  This was the short visit where I get the results of my labs.  All good!  Every single thing was spot on normal.  And while my Cholesterol was normal when I was there six months ago, it got even better.  My LDL went from 99 to 72.  My HDL went from 48 to 50.  My total cholesterol went from 167 to 140.  Triglycerides went from 102 to 88.  And my Cholesterol/HDL radio went from 3.5 to 2.8.  He said everything was perfect and he’d see me again for a physical in a year.  So awesome. 🙂

It’s going to be a busy week for us.  This morning I had the doctor, so I couldn’t get to the gym.  In stead I did Jackie Warner Legs and Core segments.  I’d planned on some light cardio this afternoon, but the rain has foiled that.  I should get on the treadmill, but I’m having a hard time convincing myself. 😛  See, this is why I workout in the morning before my mind can come up with excuses.  Anyway, this afternoon, Em’s got Girl Scouts.  Even though they have 4 leaders, they don’t have enough people to drive the girls to their field trip this afternoon!  So, I’m helping out and driving them.  It’s only 15-20 minutes away, but they’ll only be there for an hour.  So, since it would be a waste of time and gas to drive back, I was going to walk at the park across the street.  Enter the rain.  I suppose I could walk with an umbrella, but I’m not sure I’m that dedicated. 😛  Anyway, then I’m taking home one of Em’s friends.  THEN, Em’s got TKD at 4:45pm today.  I’m sure she’ll get more TKD homework, so she’ll have that to do, along with her regular school work.  Tuesday, Em’s got an ortho appointment to get bands around two bottom teeth and then her team is supposed to be doing a makeup soccer game that they missed early in the season.  It’s the “might as well be Select” team.  With it raining all day today, I’m not sure if they’ll still have it.  If they don’t they won’t have practice either, so tomorrow depends on the weather today, I guess.  Wednesday I’m volunteering in the media center at Em’s school in the morning and then Em has soccer practice that evening.  Thursday Em’s got Reading Bowl practice after school, then it’s Halloween, so trick or treating.  Friday brings another TKD session.  Then Saturday, we’ve got a 5K at 8am and a soccer game in the middle of the day.  And we’re snacks on Saturday, so we’ve got that to worry about too.  Jeez!  It’s going to be awesome when soccer season is done.

They won their game again on Saturday.  They crushed the other team 8-1.  The other team reminded me of Em’s team last year.  They were all younger and look like they’d just moved up from U8.  They still had problems with some of the basic rules on kick off.  I would have felt bad for them, but that was the position we were in last year.  I think there aren’t as many of Em’s age playing, so they’re one of the worst teams their first year in a new age league, but it seems that once they’ve got some experience, they’ve gotten much better.  But consequently, the other teams aren’t much of a match.  At least that’s a theory.  They’ll probably get crushed on Tuesday if they play, but whatever.  At least they’ll get some practice with a team that’s better than they are.

I have a cold again.  Sucks.  I’ve been sneezing like mad yesterday and today.  And I have a super runny nose. 😦  I think it might be the gym.  It’s gross there.  I’m still pretty sure it’s just water in the spray bottles.  Blech.


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