Posted by: wildflowerz | November 6, 2013


This has been a tough week for me so far.  I’m so hungry I could gnaw my own arm off 90% of the time I’m awake.  Em’s Halloween candy’s been calling my name constantly, along with the 2pt Pretzel bars I got at WW.  Bad plan.  So, on to the next silly scheme and I’m trying chia seeds.  I found them at Kroger yesterday and added them to my greek yogurt this morning.  I will say that I liked how they changed the consistency of the yogurt.  I didn’t dislike it before, but I like it better with the seeds.  I’m not sure they made much of a dent to my appetite, but we’ll see.

So, I think that setting a number of books as a goal to read for the year isn’t working for me any more.  I find myself reading a lot more crap or smaller books so I can meet the goal.  And I’ve bypassed a lot of longer books that I want to read because they’ll take more time.  So I’m going to finish out this year with my 200 goal, but next year I’m going to work up a different goal (or goals).  I’m also not doing well on the list of books I wanted to read this year…most of them are LONG.  So, yeah.

Looks like I’ll get to drive down into Atlanta tomorrow.  I’m not excited.  At Em’s board break-a-thon, we bought Nutcracker tickets in the silent auction.  It didn’t say how many tickets it was and we thought it was 4, but it’s only 2.  And that’s fine, we can just buy another.  However, the only way you can get them is by mailing it in (and not getting another ticket) or to physically go down to their office and get the tickets.  So, fun.

Yesterday Em and I voted and then went to the used book store.  After that, we went to Target to get a reward for her for reaching the next 100 AR points.  She chose a book.  That’s my little nerdlet.  🙂  We then had lunch at Ipp’s before coming home and finishing up a few movies we’d started.

Hey, does anyone know anything about Duke TIP?  Em got an invite letter.  We’ve read through the brochure and their website, but can’t really figure out what the big deal is.  As far as we can tell, it gets her a couple of newsletters and that’s about it.  She has the option to take some standardized test, but the only benefit I could find from that is to get her used to standardized tests.  Seriously?  HOW many freaking standardized tests does she need to take to get used to them?  She really doesn’t want to take it, so I don’t think we’ll be paying the extra and doing that.  She also gets discounts on some really expensive learning supplies that we won’t buy.  Why?  Because even WITH the discounts, it’s still hella expensive.  She’ll also be invited to do some cool summer programs.  And surprise?  They’re also hella expensive, so we won’t be doing those either.  So, I suppose we’ll do it and get a magnet for our car that tells everyone else she’s a smartypants. 😛  If you aren’t familiar, you get invited based on your performance on certain standardized tests.  Em was invited because she got higher than 95% on the CogAT.  In the 7th grade, she’ll get to take the SAT early and if she scores well enough, she’ll be invited to continue with the Duke TIP program.  Oh well, it’s only $37, so I guess we’ll do it and get the smartypants magnet.  /shrug  I’m just having a hard time seeing what the big deal is about it.

Em’s soccer practice was cancelled yesterday for lack of interest since they had a furlough day.  They’ve got their last practice today, but I doubt they’ll go for long.  She practices from 5:30 until 7 and it gets really dark close to 7.  That was BEFORE the time change.  So yeah.

OOh, Em got all the rest of her stripes at TKD, so she’s invited to the belt testing.  She’s doing SO well.  She’ll be moving up to the Black Belt Club where, supposedly, the kids are a bit more serious about it.  That sounds a bit silly, but it will be nice not to have the whiny kid who won’t do anything and takes a lot of time away from the rest of the class by being an asshole.  So, there’s that.  To tell the truth, he’s the only kid in her current classes like that.  All the rest of them are pretty good and pay attention and follow instructions, etc.  Still, it will be nice to get away from that kid.



  1. I remember doing the Duke thing but really all I remember about it was taking the SAT early. It was an interesting experience. Might as well get your smartypants magnet.

    • Chris said he did the SAT thing too, but then didn’t score high enough to get in. Maybe the 4-6th grade thing is new? You still have to take the SAT in 7th and score a certain number to continue with it. I dunno. I went ahead and signed Em up for it, sans the Explore test. She didn’t want to do that anyway.

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