Posted by: wildflowerz | November 14, 2013

Well, there are all kinds of heroes, you know. A man can get to be a hero for a famous battle he fought or by studying very hard and becoming a weightless astronaut.

*Stupid effing computer just restarted on me and I lost my entire post!  Grrrr!!!!!*

I need to brag on Em.  Again.  Yes, I know.  At least I’m doing it here in a blog where you don’t have to read it, yes?  🙂

Em got her progress report yesterday.  There was nothing that much new in it.  She’s getting Ss in Art, Music, and PE.  Her lowest grade is a 92 in Science.  She’s got a 93 in AIM (Gifted Enrichment), 95s in both Social Studies and Reading, 98 in Math, and 100 in Language Arts.  Again, nothing new.  The numbers shift around some, but that’s generally what she’s always got.  However, with her progress report, she also got a new diagnostic report for the STAR Reading test.  Now, I know there are issues with this test and not everyone likes it.  Beyond that, I don’t really know much about it, but Em’s school uses it heavily for AR (Accelerated Reader).  There are tons of numbers on there, but the one that always stands out is the GE (Grade Equivalent).  Way back in 1st Grade, her teacher said that the number you should really look at is the IRL (Instructional Reading Level).  And then, there’s also the ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development) which gives you the range of reading level for books Em should be reading.  Last time we got the STAR report, Em’s IRL was 6.2.  When I looked at her current one yesterday, I was LITERALLY stunned.  I was totally at a loss for words.  Her IRL is now 11.0.  Her GE is 12.3!  The report says that her test performance is better than that of an average twelfth grader after the third month of the school year.  Her ZPD is 4.9-12.3!  Holy shit!  Her PR (Percentile Rank) is 99%.  Geez.

She got to come up with her own AR goal this quarter too.  Last quarter it was something silly like 25.  She got that before the first week was up.  She was conservative and picked 55 this time.  She’s gotten a bit slower, I think, since she’s had to read all those books for the Reading Bowl, so that maybe was a smart move.  With the test she took today, she’s now surpassed her own goal by 10 points.  She’s up to 241.1 points for the school year so far!  Wow.  The issue now is what to feed her reading love with.  I’m generally of the opinion that if she’s interested enough to read something, she should try it.  But when I’m looking to pick up things for her, I try to stay to stuff that’s definitely more age and maturity level appropriate.  But that’s hard to do when you’re looking at higher level books for lower grade students!  She’s decided that she’s going to read Ender’s Game and The Hunger Games over Thanksgiving and Winter breaks.  A lot of the more action-oriented fantasy type stuff is generally okay for her.  I just put the first Xanth book on her shelf.  And she’s had the first Pern book on there forever.  Not sure if she’s interested in either, but they’re there.  She loved Darwen Arkwright.  She still loves Harry Potter (and it’s still high enough level).  She just leveled out of Percy Jackson.  She’d read all but the last book.  She’s creeping up on Charlie Bone too.  She’d read and taken tests on the first 5, but the 6th one she can’t take a test on now.  The 7th and 8th are still okay.  I had to go through her bookshelf last night and weed out anything below at 4.9.  She went through those and we moved any that she still wanted to read to another section.  She’ll still probably read most of them, but maybe not until the summer.  So, yeah.  I’ll be going to the Scholastic Warehouse sale in a few weeks, but I imagine it’s going to be tough to find stuff.  Especially since it’s a giant pain to try and look up AR levels when you’re out shopping like that.  Oh well.  There are certainly worse problems to have.

In other Em news, I feel like I was probably duped with this Duke TIP thing.  They make it out to sound like it’s a rare thing and not many kids are invited.  I’ve got the feeling that it’s the exact opposite.  A mom posted on our school’s parent fb page asking about it and SO MANY people chimed in.  Also, Em told me that her AIM teacher was addressing the envelopes the other day and as a shortcut, she was asking the kids whose class some kids were in, so she could deliver the invitations.  These were all non-AIM kids that she didn’t know.  Em said that there were a LOT of them.  That didn’t even include the actual AIM kids, most of whom were probably invited and there are a LOT of AIM kids.  I feel like this is the Who’s Who of American High School Students BS book that my parents got when I was a kid.  It didn’t mean anything, but they wanted your money.  So, yeah.  Oh well.


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