Posted by: wildflowerz | November 18, 2013

I stand here waiting for you to bang the gong, to crash the critic saying, “Is it right or is it wrong?” If only fame had an I.V., baby could I bear being away from you. I found the vein, put it in here.

Well, hello.  Sorry for the last update and it’s lack of…much of anything.  I’m still in a hard spot.  I’m still hungry all the time and I’m bored with my workouts.  This week, I’m trying to ignore the hunger.  It’s going moderately well so far.  I’m going to have two challenging dinners out tonight and tomorrow, so we’ll see how that goes.  Tonight’s at a place we don’t eat at much and doesn’t have the menu online, so I can’t plan ahead.  Tomorrow’s at an Italian place that has VERY FEW healthy options and none are that appealing to me.

I feel like I’ve amped it up at the gym.  I ran on Saturday morning, but had to cut it a bit short because we had something to do that morning.  Saturday I tried to just kind of do my own thing.  I decided I’d do an exercise for a minute with 30 seconds rest in between and go on to the next thing.  I was going to do freeweights in there too, but all the weight benches were taken.  It was really crowded since I had to go later (Em had a friend sleeping over).  But it worked because I started feeling sore as early as last night.  Today I’m sore too.  In fact, when I tried to run at the gym today, my chest hurt so bad, I had to stop.  I ended up doing intervals with an incline instead.

Then, today, I get bad news.  You know how I talk about your WW leader being important for doing WW?  And if you have a bad one or a really boring one, it can make it unbearable?  Yeah.  My completely awesome WW leader is leaving WW.  /sigh  Friday’s her last meeting.  I’ll stick around a few weeks to see how the new person is, but if I’m not thrilled, I’ll be moving to another time and maybe place.  Grrr.

Em had her belt test on Saturday.  It went really well.  There were tons of people there testing, just for the basic class (currently white, orange, and yellow belts).  When we got there, they Tiny Tigers were still testing.  Oh my gosh, guys, they were SO STINKING CUTE!  Tiny Tigers are pre-school age.  These looked to be maybe 4 years old.  There were only 2, a boy and a girl.  But they were so freaking adorable. 🙂  The belt ceremony is tonight and Em should be getting her camo belt and moving up to the next class.

Tomorrow’s Em’s end of season soccer party.  (Hence the troubling dinner option.)  I just signed her up today for spring soccer.  She’s not got too much more to go for the reading bowl, so at least that will be off the table.  I’ll still have GS, TKD, and soccer to schedule around, but at least there’s one less thing.  She’s really excited to get her GS troop to do a class at her TKD studio to earn a self-defense badge.

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the stuff to schedule.  The grocery shopping alone is crazy!  I want to go ahead and get stuff, but a lot of it’s produce and can’t be bought ahead.  I decided to just do an appetizer thing for Sunday’s stuff.  I’m not sure why, but evidently my grandmother thinks I’m totally unreliable when it comes to preparing food.  I guess.  I asked what I could bring and she said that my mom was already doing 2 desserts, so they didn’t really need another, but I could make one.  Or an appetizer thing.  Whatever.  My mom’s making two pies that I could care less about, but that actually works for me since I don’t need it anyway.  So yeah.  Chris’s fam is coming over the Wednesday before TG and I’m making all the food for them.  I should have delegated some, but, then, no one really offered anyway.  Except Chris’s dad, who evidently don’t think I can cook, wanted me to pick somewhere to get catered food and he’d pay for it.  Yeah.  Though, now I’m wishing I’d have taken him up on it!  😛  Anyway, my parents are coming Wednesday night and spending the night and we’re just gonna hang out and do leftovers the next day.


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