Posted by: wildflowerz | November 23, 2013

I am not pretty. I am not beautiful. I am as radiant as the sun.

Starting Weight: 239.2
Current Weight: 161.4
Weekly Change:  -1.6
Total Loss: 77.8
4th and Final Goal: 93.2 (146lb Goal Weight)
Daily Points Allowance: 26
Activity Point Earned Last Week:  42
Weekly Points Used Last Week:  8

/huge sigh of relief

Let’s start with the good stuff!  I lost!  1.6!  Yay!  0.4 more and I’ll have lost all that I’ve gained in the previous 4 weeks.  I got more motivated with exercise this week and did a bit more…getting (just barely) to my goal of 42 Activity Points.  I also tried to just ignore my hunger.  Seriously.  I ate when I knew I should, but other than that, I tried to just ignore it.  I guess that worked.  I’ll aim for more of the same this week, I guess. 😛  And it would be awesome to lose during Thanksgiving.  Honestly, TG isn’t my thing.  I’m not a huge fan of “home cooking.”  I don’t love those casseroles or stuffing.  I do love turkey, but that’s not bad.  Also, I’m cooking one of our TGs, so I can control it.  I plan on wearing my tightest pants too.

Speaking of that…  I was running out of clothes.  I had 2 pairs of 16s from Old Navy that were very loose.  I’d been wearing them with belts.  We’re trying to not spend so much, so I’ve been looking at thrift stores and I picked up several pairs of 14s from different places.  I got a pair of Levi’s, Gap, St. John’s Bay, and NY&Co.  They all fit reasonably well.  The St. John’s ones are looser.  Well, I needed shirts too and had minimal luck, so I went to Old Navy to get some basics. While I was there, I decided to try on some jeans to see how they felt.  I tried on the 14s in the same fit I’ve been wearing and guess what?  They’re TOO STINKIN’ BIG!  So, I tried on the 12s.  Hell yeah, they fit!  And I have personal experience of the truth that sizes are getting larger.  I have my old pair of 14s from when I did WW in 2001 or so and they’re still a bit too tight to wear comfortably.  But I can comfortably wear a 12 in today’s jeans.  Whatever, I can say I wear a 12.  I’ve never worn a 12.  Yay!  While I’m talking about shopping, I’m pretty solidly in a medium top at ON too.  I got a couple of fitted, button up shirts and a few other things.  I tried on their compression pants, but, unlike the capris, they don’t look nearly as cute on me.  I’d been wearing the XL (and can still wear them), but they’re they’re a bit loose.  They don’t look bad (because they’re supposed to be tight), but on our last 5K, they felt like they were falling down a bit.  I tried some more of their running leggings, but nothing.  Today, I found a pair at Target that will work.  They have the added bonus of having a drawstring in the waist too, just in case.

Now, how about the bad.  It was an emotional day at Weight Watchers this morning.  It was my leader’s last meeting.  She cried most of the meeting and most of the people attending were tearing up too.  I don’t exactly know why she’s leaving, but I know she’s REALLY going to be missed. 😦  I heard that the replacement is going to be the same lady we had the last time our leader was out.  She’s fine.  I like her.  I’m not sure she’s high enough energy for us after our current one, but we’ll see.  I figure I’d give her a few weeks and if it’s not working for me, I’ll shop for a new one.  I hear good things about one of the leaders at the center near me.  But I’m very much going to miss my leader. 😦

Em had her belt ceremony on Monday.  She got to see a black belt ceremony too since they had 3 moving to the black and Em thought it was awesome.  She got her camo belt and has moved up to the black belt club.  She’s SO excited.  Her classes are now 45 minutes long instead of 30.  And she gets to go to 3 classes a week instead of 2.  She did her regular 2 this week.  It was ALL boys.  Not a girl in sight.  In the class she did on Wednesday, she was also the oldest in the class.  Not by a whole lot, but definitely older.  She also totally showed them up when it went to pushups and stuff.  She was easily the most focused too.  The Thursday class, she wasn’t the youngest or the oldest.  She was still easily the most focused.  Again, it was all boys.  They’ve changed their schedule now so that on Fridays, they have specialty classes.  They have one for form and one for sparring.  Em had SO been looking forward to sparring, so she definitely wanted to do that.  Poor girl, it was tough on her.  This class had camo belt all the way up to black.  Theoretically, that’s who can be in her other class, but a lot of the higher belts are older kids and are in a leadership black belt class instead.  She had a tough time, I think.  She did okay and she kept up, but a new camo belt sparring with a black belt boy who’s twice her size and age has to be rather intimidating!  She still did great.  And I still LOVE watching her.  LOVE it.

She also had her season end soccer party on Tuesday.  Holy crap, was it crowded.  It started at 5, but it’s usually kind of a drop in thing.  People get there when they can and most people don’t show up until 5:45 or so.  I got there at 5:05 and it was packed.  Like, I could barely find a seat packed.  It was fine.  Em had fun.  I’m not nearly as comfortable with this group of moms.  They’re more…snobby?  Meh.  Some of them are okay, but the ones I had to sit hear are…not.  😛  Whatever.

Em had a friend over this afternoon.  She’s got another one coming for a sleepover tomorrow night.  We’re also going to see Catching Fire tomorrow.  Em’s more excited than Chris and I, I think.  She’s reading the first book right now and we just watched the first movie last week.  Then Sunday we’re going to my grandmother’s for TG.  Em’s out all next week.  Monday and Tuesday will be fun-filled days of cleaning and cooking.  Then Chris’s fam is coming for TG on Wednesday.  My parents are showing up later in the day to spend the night.  We’ll hang out and eat leftovers.  Em will probably do TKD Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  They’re closed the rest of the week.

I’ve gotten a bit of a start on Christmas shopping.  I ordered a few things and have picked up a few things in store.  It should go quickly once we see everyone.  I’m feeling more Christmas-y this year, but I’m not excited about anything for Em, really.  I wanted to get her the Nerf Rebelle bow, but she wants the vine design (the blue one) and no one has it.  Not only that, but no one really has the pink one either!  Grr.  We’re doing Disney Infinity and she’s asked for a TON of Lego Friends and Monster High, but nothing’s really exciting me about that stuff.  Meh.


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