Posted by: wildflowerz | December 17, 2013

Simply having a wonderful Christmas time.

So, it turns out that having Mexican twice and pizza once (and having pizza leftovers once) is not a recipe for weight loss.  Who knew?  😛

This week has gone much better so far.  The scale seems to be inching down.  /fingers crossed

Let’s see…our Reindeer Run went okay.  It was WAY more crowded than the other 5ks we’ve done.  The other two moms we went with kept their girls with them the entire time, so I did too.  I would have been okay if all three girls had stayed together, but they had their own thing going.  She was a bit whiny, but she was much better than the last time we ran.  We ended up finishing JUST under 40 minutes.  We walked a lot more than I wanted to, but there were also a lot more hills in this one.  I will say that I FELT better in this one.  I definitely could have done better, but I couldn’t leave my girly behind.  And I wouldn’t want to!  So, we had a good time. 🙂  One of her friends came over later and played for quite a while, so that was fun for her.  I can’t even remember what else we did that weekend, to tell you the truth.  I think we finished up Christmas shopping.  🙂

Last week, Em just had TKD.  She decided she wanted to give their tournament a shot next weekend.  It’s a C tournament.  I think that’s the lowest level?  It’s just one for the students at her TKD studio.  She’ll compete with her form and with sparring.  Should be interesting!  She’s spending the night with a friend that night and I think we’re having friends over to play games and hang out.  So it should be a good night for all of us. 🙂

Em’s class party is Thursday and she gets to wear pjs on Friday, so it’s nothing but fun for her this week.  They aren’t doing spelling or multiplication/division tests this week.  And there’s a math test on Wednesday.  I predict that not a lot will happen on Thursday and Friday!

We have our Xmas celebrations next Monday with my dad’s side of the family.  Then Chris’s side is a week from Saturday.  I’m making sweets for Monday.  I’m making a lot, but I actually feel decent about it since I don’t really have to worry about an imaculate house or having people over (other than my parents on Christmas Eve), so I feel relaxed!  Wanna know what I’m making?  It’s all new stuff except three things.  Here it is, with links:

Recipe for failure (pun intended)?  Probably.  But it’s Christmas.  Whatever.  🙂  I plan on exercising as much as possible.  And DEFINITELY the two days we’ve got big holiday plans.  Definitely Christmas Eve too.  FOR SURE.  My parents are coming on Christmas Eve.  For years, our “traditional Christmas Eve dinner” has been pizza.  We’ve been doing it once a month as one of Em’s school partners, so I’m a little pizza-ed out.  Chris says we’ll do takeout…anything so I don’t have to cook.  So I don’t have to worry about that.  I’m doing some Ham and Eggs Baked in Crispy Hash Brown Cups for breakfast on Christmas morning, along with some fruit.  Then since we’ll get to lay around in our pjs all day long on Christmas instead of having to leave like usual, so I’m going to just get cold cuts and chips and stuff.  Voila!  Done.


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