Posted by: wildflowerz | January 6, 2014

Hey Ferb! I know what we’re going to do today.

Hi there.  Our school was cancelled today.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe it snowed last night.  It was supposed to snow between midnight and 6 or so.  When we woke up, there was nothing on the ground.  It was raining quite a bit last night around 9:30-10:30 (at least), but there’s no evidence of it in front of our house.  They cancelled school last night right before we went to bed.  I understand if they don’t want kids to stand out in the cold for the bus, but is that enough of a reason to cancel school?  I guess so.  If that’s the reason, it will be cancelled tomorrow too.  Our low today is 5.  I live in Georgia.  I can’t remember ever seeing single digit temps here.  I’d love some actual snow accumulation, though I do like the cold.  But honestly, I’m dying to get back into my routine.  This being off of it is REALLY tough on me, especially for exercise.  I was so slack that I didn’t go to the gym yesterday morning, even though I should have…especially since we already figured there’d be no school today.  Today I ran a little and then walked on the treadmill.  I guess that will have to do.  I really just want to be back at it though.

I have been having some reasonable success staying on this Simple Start deal.  We had mexican for dinner last night and that didn’t work with it at all, but other than that, I’ve been doing very well.  I’ve also been logging all my food and the regular points.  But I’m not worrying about whether I stay within my points as long as I’m doing the Simply Filling thing.  I tried cottage cheese for the first time yesterday.  It’s exactly as revolting as I thought it was going to be.  Blech.  Today I made an Italian version of the WW veg soup.  It’s in the Simple Start book and since it’s all Simply Filling and not about portions, it doesn’t have measurements for how much of most things go into the stuff they want you eat.  So, I ended up putting entirely too much whole wheat pasta in it.  I ended up adding another 2 cups of water to it, but it still didn’t thin it out much.  In the end, there was definitely too much pasta in it and it just tasted okay.  It wasn’t good, but it certainly wasn’t bad.  It made about 6 big servings, so I refrigerated them to have later.  I also tried an open-faced grilled cheese from the book with it.  It’s an english muffin with tomato slices and ff shredded cheese on it.  I thought I’d hate it (the tomato), but it wasn’t bad.  But the cheese.  The ONLY fat free cheese I could find were the Borden’s slices at Publix.  There was no other kind in shredded, block, or slices.  Kroger had none at all.  /shrug  It tasted all right, but shredded is much more versatile.

I’m planning on taking Em to TKD tonight as long as it’s open.  She’s also got TKD tomorrow and Wednesday.  Then Wednesday we plan on going out somewhere for dinner for our anniversary.  Chris wants to go to this place a friend of our’s recommended.  It does look good.  But we’re bringing Em and not only is there nothing on their menu that she was even partially like, they don’t have a kid’s menu.  There another place I found online that looks good and has stuff she’d like, as well as a kid’s menu.  We’ll see.  Thursday Em’s got reading bowl.  Friday we’re going to an Origami Owl party and Saturday morning I’m taking Em, along with her two best friends and their moms, to a Girl Scout cookie rally.  Speaking of that, does anyone else have a Girl Scout?  Almost no one wants cookies this year for some reason.  The email I sent out that everyone usually responds to was only answered by 1 person.  And she bough WAY less than she usually does.  :-/  Em’s goal is around 130 or so boxes, but so far she’s barely got 30.  She’s even canvassed our street…that’s how she got most of those.  Oh well.

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