Posted by: wildflowerz | January 25, 2014

Staring at the bottom of your glass, hoping one day you’ll make a dream last. But dreams come slow and they go so fast.

Starting Weight: 239.2
Current Weight: 163.6
Weekly Change:  -1.0
Total Loss: 75.6
4th and Final Goal: 93.2 (146lb Goal Weight)
Daily Points Allowance: 26
Activity Point Earned Last Week:  38
Weekly Points Used Last Week:  11

Well, it was a better week, huh?  I got more activity in and I did better with the food.  I’m still hungry.  I talked to my WW leader about it.  Her advice was to have a morning snack of an egg (What is with people and eggs?!).  This seems to me like it won’t help at all.  I usually have breakfast around 9 and lunch around 11:30.  It seems like an afternoon snack with protein would be a better idea.  Unless I have an early breakfast for some reason, of course.  So I’ve done an afternoon snack yesterday and today of a hard boiled egg and some fruit.  So far, no change in the hunger.  But I’m staying on plan, so that’s good, at least.

I woke up today feeling crappy.  I’m exhausted (despite a good night’s sleep), I have a slightly sore throat (that feels like it’s going to get worse), and a headache.  The headache’s gotten better and is only very mildly annoying right now, but I still feel awful.  So, I didn’t do the gym.  If I still feel like this tomorrow morning (and not worse), I’m going to head to the gym and just do some light cardio (elliptical or walking) instead of running.  On the plus side of exercise, the strength stuff I’m doing is working.  My biceps are killing me today.  I’ve been doing this workout, along with a Level Up 30 Day Challenge, this squat challenge, and this plank challenge.  The plank one’s killing me.  I hate mountain climbers.  And that many crunches are hard.  The squats aren’t that bad and the tricep dips are hard, but doable.  But I’m only up to 18 of those.  I’m only up to Day 9.

Em had her friends over for her bday thing last Saturday.  There’s a reason I only let her have more than one girl over to spend the night once a year.  Oi!  One of the girls would NOT listen.  Every question had to be asked of her 3 times, minimum.  It was frustrating.  They had a bit of drama.  Once on Saturday night, but that one they worked out ENTIRELY on their own with no input or prompting from me.  The next morning there was more drama.  That one Em came to me, but I ended up telling them they had to work it out for themselves.  They eventually did.  I think what it came down to is that the girl that Em’s been best friends with for longer was feeling a bit jealous of her newer best friend.  Oh well.  Bound to happen and they figured it out.  We took them to Dave & Busters on Saturday for lunch and then let them play games.  They picked out their prizes (which mostly consisted of candy) and then they had dessert and we came home.  They played until dinner time when we did sandwiches, followed by ice cream.  They stayed up entirely too late, I’m sure.  And woke up by 6am.  Their moms came to get them at 8:30ish and we did nothing the rest of the day.

Monday Em had an ortho appointment early.  She’s got two teeth that are about to come out and they plan to put springs in when they do.  She then had a Girl Scout meeting at 10.  She got a little weepy after when I was talking to her about it.  I asked what she did and she kept saying her and her best friend did this and that, but there was no mention of anyone else.  I asked why that was and she said the other girls didn’t want to play with her.  This seems to be a recurring thing.  And it KILLS me.  /sigh  We went to the mall and Em picked out her birthday Build-A-Bear (a koala this time, named Isabella).  Then we had lunch, looked in the Disney store, and went home.  That evening, she had her Taekwondo belt ceremony.  There were SO MANY KIDS there that there wasn’t enough room on the mats!  Em proudly got her her green belt.  She’s a camo belt no more!  She was very excited.  Also, her scored had improved in all but one category from the last time she got them.  That other category stayed the same.

Tuesday was Em’s actual birthday.  I stopped by Dunkin’ Doughnuts and got 3 dozen to take to school for her class.  Have y’all ever used that option?  It’s so easy and not nearly as expensive as I thought it would be.  Evidently I’ve never really bought doughnuts.  😛  That evening, she had the Reading Bowl.  It was at the middle school that Em will go to and very close.  It was FREEEEEZZZIIINNNGGG!  They had 22 teams competing and they separated them into two leagues with 5 rounds each.  They earned points and the highest two point earners got to move on.  Em’s poor team.  They didn’t win even one round.  There are 5 kids on each panel for a round, while the other 5 sit out.  So 5 of them did the first and third rounds (Em) and the other 5 did the 2nd and 4th.  They then conferred and decided who did the best and got to do the last round.  Em ended up answering 3 questions, all correctly.  She also got to be on the last round.  I think their problem was that they just couldn’t buzz in fast enough.  The kids said that they knew the answers to about 95% of those questions, they just weren’t quick enough.  But they all seemed to have fun and I know that Em enjoyed the entire experience.  She’s eager to do it again next year.

What we didn’t realize was how long the Reading Bowl was going to be.  We had to be there at 4:30 and it wasn’t over until 7.  We had planned to go out to dinner that evening for Em’s birthday, but we just didn’t have time.  So instead, we went the next day.  Em chose Canyon’s.  /rolleyes  The rest of this week has been pretty light with just TKD.  She had a playdate on Friday and today she’s at World Thinking Day.  Chris took her and one of her best friend’s moms was staying through the whole thing and offered to bring her home.  Yay.  🙂

This week Em’s supposed to have Girl Scouts on Monday and possibly a wrap-up Reading Bowl party thing on Thursday.  But it should be relatively calm.  And we’ve got nothing so far for next weekend.  The weekend after that should be interesting.  One of Em’s best friends (the one at Em’s party that she’s been friends with longer) is having her birthday party.  She’s only have 4 girls over, but it consists of Em, Em’s newer best friend, Em’s ex best friend, and another friend of all of their’s, who’s in Em’s class this year.  They’re going to the local aquatic center and then going back to her house to spend the night.  Should be interesting.  The ex-best friend is the one Em had so many problems with at the beginning of the year.  I think that’s settled down some.  They sit together sometimes on the bus and she said she even sat with her at lunch the other day on an AIM day.  Oh, in related news, her mom un-friended me on Facebook.  I’m REALLY broken up over it.  /endsarcasm

Ooh, I almost forgot.  We’re planning a Disney trip.  We’re going to attempt to go over Fall Break in September.  I’ve just started planning, but that should be when free dining is.  We’ve never gone when it’s hot, so that should be interesting.  I’ve been tolerating the heat a lot better, so I’m hoping it will be fine.  I think we’re going to do 5 days instead of 6 and probably won’t do Universal this time.  But we might.  The new HP expansion should be opening up this summer.  Universal is just SO DAMN EXPENSIVE!



  1. Do you go through a travel agency for your Disney trip or do you plan everything yourself?
    We always talk about going but never really follow through with our plans.

    • Our 2011 trip, we used Small World. I don’t know if it was the particular person I had as our TA, but I had a hard time getting her to call me back. I’d planned on using Pixie Vacations (they’re local to me and a sponsor at my daughter’s school) in 2013, but a friend pointed out that the dining reservations are now done online instead of on the phone. Since that’s why we were using a TA, I just did it myself. You don’t have to pay a TA anything and you just want to dump it all on them, it’s probably easiest. If you have any questions, let me know. If you’re looking for the best planning book, try The Unofficial Guide to WDW.

  2. Thanks!
    What websites do you recommend to look up Disney trips? Since this would be our first time i dont know if i trust myself to do it online.

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