Posted by: wildflowerz | January 31, 2014

You can tell them that I’ve been from hell and back. When the heat is on I fire back. In this cold world where your lighters at? Let’s burn it down.

Starting Weight: 239.2
Current Weight: 162.6
Weekly Change:  -1.0
Total Loss: 76.6
4th and Final Goal: 93.2 (146lb Goal Weight)
Daily Points Allowance: 26
Activity Point Earned Last Week:  7
Weekly Points Used Last Week:  11

Yay!  I was worried!  My scale’s shown me slightly up or the same all week long.  I made sure I had an afternoon snack that was higher in protein most days.  I’m totally surprised to say that it worked.  I’m still hungry, but it’s not nearly as bad as it has been.  So I’ve still got work to do, but I’m hoping this is a good start…a good change in my roller coaster of a weight loss lately.  /fingerscrossed

I’ve felt crappy all week.  It was worse last weekend, but I started feeling better on Wednesday.  By then, we were housebound from the snow.  Fun.  We got lucky with that, though.  I heard about the early release around 10 and texted Chris.  It still wasn’t snowing here at that point.  In less than 30 minutes, the snow started pouring down.  So, I texted Chris again and he left to come home.  He got home before Em.  Since she’s elementary school, they released them first, so she was safe at home by 12:30.  I stayed glued to FB most of the evening tracking all the people who were stuck.  One friend that I used to work with was in her car for 24 hours trying to get home!  Jeez!  Em had fun tubing down our hill.  We don’t own a sled.  The last time we got all the snow, I tried to buy one, but all the stores had were pool supplies…no sleds.  What the hell.  It’s was January that time too!  So, we just used the big tube she used at the pool over the summer.  It worked.  🙂  Our street became a solid sheet of ice very quickly.  She ended up being out of school all week.  Today she’s over at a friend’s house playing.  We ventured out to WW and Target this morning.  Our neighborhood has a big icy spot on the main road in front of the pool, but the rest of the main road’s fairly clear.  The main road in front of our house is spotty in places.  But the highway near us is totally clear.  We did manage to get out last night for Em’s TKD.  She’s got it again tonight, but the rest of our weekend is totally free.  Next week, we’ve only got TKD.  Aahh….it’s almost like a vacation.

We also got more of our Disney plans set.  I’ll try and make a separate post about that later.  Right now, I’m done.  🙂


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