Posted by: wildflowerz | March 14, 2014

Hot and dangerous. If you’re one of us, then roll with us ‘cause we make the hipsters fall in love and we’ve got our hot-pants on and up.

Starting Weight: 239.2
Current Weight: 162.0
Weekly Change:  -0.4
Total Loss: 77.2
4th and Final Goal: 93.2 (146lb Goal Weight)
Daily Points Allowance: 26
Activity Point Earned Last Week:  27
Weekly Points Used Last Week:  21

Frankly, I was expecting more.  I started my period on Wednesday.  Generally, right before, I hold on to weight and when I start, I lose a few pounds.  Not so much this week.  I’ve been EXTREMELY tired in the afternoons and EXTREMELY hungry this week.  Still, I’ve stuck to the plan and logged everything in.  I didn’t exercise as much as I’d planned.  I skipped the gym Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday.  I sucked at just making myself go.  I did got Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday and on Wednesday, I did a WAtP vid since I had limited time.  I’m not sure what else I can do as far as the eating goes.

I did well with the peanut butter last week.  I couldn’t wait for the weekend to be over, so I ate it on Saturday night when I had the house to myself.  I did limit myself to only 4Tbsp instead of 8.  So there’s that.  🙂

So, Chris and Em did their Father/Daughter dance last week.  This was a Girl Scout thing.  Em’s always LOVED it in the past.  But her two best friends have also been there and they giggle together all night.  This year, she’s got a different best friend than one of the ones last near, but NONE of them were there.  She knew one girl there from her grade and one girl from TKD.  Other than that, she didn’t know anyone.  I don’t think she had as much fun.

Sunday she did the cookie booth at the mall.  Chris and I randomly looked around at stuff.  Nothing major.  Monday and Tuesday Em did TKD.  Wednesday, she’d planned on doing both TKD and soccer, but soccer was cancelled.  Again.  The fields were officially open, but the coach said there was standing water.  Thursday, they practiced and they’ve decided that they’ll practice tomorrow since they don’t have a game.  So, tomorrow, Em’s got TKD belt testing at 10 until 10:45.  Soccer practice is 10:30 until noon.  One of her best friends is coming over at 12:30 for the day and spending the night.  Sunday we’re free.

This week, Em’s got her belt ceremony on Monday, then TKD on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Soccer practice is Wednesday and Thursday.  And one of her best friends is doing a sleepover party on Friday night for her birthday.  Should be full of drama.  She’s invited Em and Em’s other best friend, a friend of their’s from their class, and the girl who told her (the birthday girl) that she couldn’t be friends with her if she was still friends with Em.  Lovely.  Not sure if they’re all going, but there ya go.  I’m hoping to get Chris to take me to see Divergent since it happens to come out that Friday.


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