Posted by: wildflowerz | March 17, 2014

Salagadoola mechicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo. It’ll do magic believe it or not, bippity-boppity-boo.

Today is 180 days until our Disney vacation.  I’m sure you know what that means:  ADR DAY!!!

So, I got up a little early so I could be online right at 6am to attempt Be Our Guest for our preferred day.  I’m happy to say that we got all the reservations we wanted, at exactly the time we wanted them…except Be Our Guest.  On that one, we had to settle for 10 minutes after our preferred time.  XD  So, here’s what we’re doing:

  • Saturday – Drive down.  Maybe do a park for a few rides or Downtown Disney.  Dinner at Restaurant Marrakesh at Epcot at 7:30.  We’ll try and stay for Illuminations that night.  It’s the only fireworks show we’ve not gotten to yet.
  • Sunday – Epcot day.  We’ve got reservations for Via Napoli at 7pm.  If we miss Illuminations Saturday, we’ll try for this day.
  • Monday – Magic Kingdom day.  This is an EMH day, so it’s open until 11.  Doubt we’ll make it that long, but there’s the option.  We’re doing Be Our Guest at 7:10pm.
  • Tuesday – Disney Hollywood Studios day.  We’re dong the Sci-Fi Dine-In at 6pm and then we’ll maybe try and catch Fantasmic again.
  • Wednesday – This is our free day.  We’ll probably end up at Magic Kingdom, but might do a combo of parks.  We’ve got dinner at 5:15 at Spirit of Aloha.
  • Thursday – Animal Kingdom Day.  We planned this one for the last day because we’re usually done fairly early here.  We plan on heading to Downtown Disney for shopping and dinner afterwards.  We’re doing lunch at Sanaa at 11:30 at the Animal Kingdom Lodge & Villas.  And we’re doing Raglan Road at DtD for dinner.

There ya go.  I really tried to get us different places to eat this time.  But Marrakesh, Via Napoli, and Sci-Fi are all repeats.  Luckily, ony Via Napoli is a repeat for Em.  Chris and I went to the other two on our first visit.  My preference when we go to Disney is to try and eat as many “different” things as possible.  I mean, we’ve got Chinese at home, ya know?  But we’ve got a picky kid.  I did find out that even though Em’s got to get the adult meal plan, she can still order off the kid’s menu.  What’s more is that we can pay for her kid’s meal (which is cheaper) out of pocket and then use her credits for more table service meals.  So, with the plan we have above, we’d need 22 credits, but we’ve got 18.  That doesn’t include the two restaurants (Be Our Guest and Sanaa) where Em will order off the kid’s menu.  So the rest we’ll just pay for.  We’ll do Sci-Fi for 3 of those since it’s probably the cheapest.

So very excited.  We’ve personalized our Magic Bands.  And I’ve got 6 months to look into all the other stuff, like places for healthy counter service, fruit stands, etc.


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