Posted by: wildflowerz | May 4, 2014

Can’t keep up with my rhythm though they keep trying. Too quick for the lines they throw. I walk to the sound of my own drum. It goes, they go, we go, hey yeah yeah yeah.

Starting Weight: 239.2
Current Weight: 166.0
Weekly Change:  +1.2
Total Loss: 73.2
4th and Final Goal: 89.2 (150lb Goal Weight)
Daily Points Allowance: 26
Activity Point Earned Last Week:  24
Weekly Points Used Last Week:  36/39*

Well, that went well.  :-\  I stuck exactly to the Simple Start plan.  I only ate stuff on their list of stuff, excepting those few indulgences, which I counted for.  In addition to that, I STILL counted Points+ for everything and stayed perfectly within my limits.  And still.  I did suck at exercise, but I don’t think it should have made that much of a difference.  Tangent on that for a moment:  we did Em’s school’s 5K on Friday.  I sucked it up.  Hard.  It was in the evening, which I’m not a fan of.  It was at 6:30 and we’re early dinner eaters, so we ate before.  I was SO HUNGRY at dinner and had the points, so I guess I ate too much.  My stomach felt uggy during the run.  I don’t normally run outside, so I’m not used to that.  And I started off WAY too fast and burnt out.  So, the whole thing sucked.  Of course, I finished (it’s only 3 miles), but I ran very little of it.  Maybe a mile total.  Afterwards, I wanted to throw up.  My shins were KILLING me on Saturday.  And Sunday.  And Monday.  Tuesday they still hurt, but were finally better.  Only back to normal by Wednesday.  I skipped the gym on Saturday and Sunday.  Monday I went to the gym, but only walked on the treadmill.  Same on Tuesday.  Wednesday I did a WAtP at home since it’s was Media Center day.  Thurdsay, I went, but only managed a mile on the treadmill.  I walked the rest of the time.  Blah.  I’m so bored of the exercise I’m doing, but I can’t think of anything to do in it’s place.  I would like to go to those hiking trails Em and I found, but I’m not going early in the morning by myself.  So yeah.  I don’t know what the answer is.  I wish I’d gone with that other gym, but I can’t do anything about that now, huh?

*The 36 is the number of Weekly Points+ I used, counting every Point.  39 is the number of Indulgence Points+ I used, doing Simple Start.  /shrug

I don’t know about the food.  I can tell you that for eating, I felt more free to eat when I was hungry.  But all that fiber-rich food gave me horrible stomach gas.  Nonstop.  It wasn’t pretty.  I tried to drink a lot more water, but it didn’t help.  At all.  The food was boring though.  Some was pretty good.  I enjoyed doing different breakfasts.  Sandwiches are boring.  The stock soup was boring, but alright.  I ate tons of fruit.  I only ate out once and that was because I was just so hungry and we were all out.  I did Jimmy Johns and I just got an 8P+ Turkey Tom, so it wasn’t horrible and I counted it.  I’m doing it again this week.  I didn’t expect a miracle last week, but I certainly didn’t expect to gain over a pound.  I know it doesn’t always catch up to you that fast, so I’m going at it again.  We’ll see.  The only thing I plan to do differently this week is we’re going to do Mexican tonight.  I’m going to count today as a regular tracking day instead of Simple Start.  But I plan on eating regular SS food the rest of the day.  That’s the only time I’m eating out though.  And that sucks.  It doesn’t suck quite so much the not eating out, but the sending Chris and Em out to do their own thing while I sit at home.  I don’t want to make them eat at home all the time (we’re very much an eating out family).  So, last night, we came home from the soccer game and I had them drop me at home while they went out to eat and then to ice cream.  I don’t want to have to be constantly sitting at home because I’m stuck eating boring shit all the freaking time.  It’s making me feel like a spectator in my own life.  But I don’t know what else to do.  Technically, I can eat out, but there’s never much of anything that’s appetizing, if I can actually eat it at all.

Yeah, I know…moan, moan, moan.  I have no solutions.


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