Posted by: wildflowerz | June 15, 2014

Big Badda Boom

Starting Weight: 239.2
Current Weight: 168.2
Weekly Change:  +0.8
Total Loss: 70.8
4th and Final Goal: 89.2 (150lb Goal Weight)
Daily Points Allowance: 26
Activity Point Earned Last Week:  40
Weekly Points Used Last Week:  13

Gah!  I know that you can’t always correlate this week’s food and exercise with this week’s weight loss/gain.  But when you do SO FREAKING WELL and then gain almost an entire pound!  I’m pissed!

Okay, so Em was in Girl Scout camp this past week, so I was able to rock out an entire week at the gym.  I did SO WELL.  I did really well with the food too.  I’ve been logging my food on MyFitnessPal as well as my Points+ by hand in my 12 week journal.  I had a routine.  And that helped immensely.  So, what happens when I go back to the regular summer of no routine?  Suckage.  That’s what happens.

I didn’t plan on going to the gym on Friday.  And I didn’t.  I did manage to get an hour on the treadmill at home.  I planned on going to the gym Saturday and Sunday, then Tuesday and Thursday.  Did I go to the gym yesterday or today?  Nope.  Yesterday Em did an earlier TKD class, so I didn’t have time to get there.  Today, we went to Six Flags and I again didn’t have time.  Yeah.  Tomorrow I plan on taking Em to that hiking park.  Tuesday I plan on taking her to the gym with me.  Chris is off Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week.  Wednesday we’re going to the Braves game.  It’s at noon.  So I hope to get to the gym in the morning.  Thursday, Chris is taking Em and one of her friends to White Water, so I should get to the gym that day too.  Then Friday is Weight Watchers, so no gym.

Em went to TKD on Saturday and did the regular Black Belt Club class (belts camo and up, Leadership not required).  She was excited that she got to be high rank.  That meant she got to lead the class in their bowing in and out.  She was also the only girl and 2 feet shorter than the other three guys there!  🙂  She then stayed for the leadership class.  She was the only one so she got to have a private class.  She’s doing SO WELL on her form.  It’s to the point that she’s got the basics of all the moves down really well.  Now they’re just tweaking them to make them closer to perfect.  It’s amazing to watch.  We once again got compliments from her instructor.  He’s said a million times that he wishes he had 50 of her.  /proudmom

Today we went to Six Flags.  Ug.  So Em wanted me to go with them some time this summer.  Today’s Father’s Day and they had a bring a friend free thing with their season passes.  It was SO crowded…at the front.  Once you finally got inside, it wasn’t that bad.  But here’s the thing…I don’t think I’m into roller coasters any more.  Mostly they just freaked me out.  I haven’t been to Six Flags for a couple of years.  The last time, Em was too short to ride a lot of stuff.  But I was okay then.  Before that, it had been years and years since I’d been.  So I haven’t actually gotten to ride Goliath or Superman.  So Chris and Em wanted me to ride those today.  We got in and went straight to Goliath.  We maybe had a 5 minute wait.  I did not enjoy it, but it was alright.  I think I’ve just lost my taste for the super excitement of roller coasters.  Mostly I was just freaked out.  Still, I came, so I decided to try another.  We went to Superman and walked right now.  Omg guys.  I freaked the hell out.  Mostly I was (irrationally?) afraid that the part that comes down in front of you would give.  And have you ridden Superman?  You don’t sit in it.  It tilts you so you’re on your stomach and that’s all that’s holding you in.  Dude.  After that, we went to Thunder River and got soaked.  We had only about a 5 minute wait on that one too.  After that, we left.  We ended up stopping at Pollo Tropical for lunch since that’s what Chris wanted to do (Father’s Day and all).  We came home and watched the last Batman movie.  Then we went to Shane’s for dinner (Chris really wanted ribs).  Now we’re home watching The Fifth Element.  Also, Em and I made Chris this super delicious cookie cake.  (Dude.)

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