Posted by: wildflowerz | July 12, 2014

Just shoot for the stars if it feels right and aim for my heart if you feel like and take me away and make it OK. I swear I’ll behave.

Starting Weight: 239.2
Current Weight: 170.6
Weekly Change: +3.0
Total Loss: 68.6
4th and Final Goal: 89.2 (150lb Goal Weight)
Daily Points Allowance: 26
Activity Point Earned Last Week:  4
Weekly Points Used Last Week:  No idea.

My weight loss feels like it’s got a disorder.  And that disorder would be manic-depressive.  Or perhaps it works better just to say that it’s like a roller coaster.

The past two weeks sucked.  First, I didn’t go to WW last week.  Friday was a holiday, so they weren’t open.  I thought about going on Thursday instead at the center near me, but that meeting isn’t until 10am (and I don’t eat before I weigh in), so I didn’t do that one.  Then, I thought I’d do the Saturday 8am meeting.  But I didn’t set my alarm clock (okay, on purpose) and actually slept too late…which I never do.  So, yeah.  I did go yesterday though.  And we see the craptastic results.

I started my period last weekend, so I’m blaming of some this gain on it.  Some of it.  I’ve been even hungrier than usual this week and have been chowing down on dry Cinnamon Toast Crunch like someone’s going to take it away from me at any moment.  I’ve barely exercised at all.  I’ve done a lot of sitting on my butt and doing nothing.  I suck.

So, here we are at another week and another firm resolve from me to do better.  So far so good.  I had a MONSTER headache all day long yesterday.  So instead of doing much of anything, Em and I came home and watched movies.  But in the early afternoon, my headache felt a bit better, so I hopped on the treadmill for a slow 30 minutes.  And I kept it together with the food.  I did perfectly well and journaled everything in MFP and by hand in my WW tracker.  I even had 6 bottles of water (or 18 cups).  My leader had said something to me a few weeks ago about not being so hard on yourself when you miss exercising.  But I think I took it too far and my mind jumped to, “I’m not going to exercise!  And I’m not going to be hard on myself about it!”  That’s something entirely different, but combined with the period and hunger, I screwed up and that’s what came to my head.  So.  It’s no secret that I need a schedule to succeed and that’s almost impossible for me to create a good one over the summer, so here’s my new plan.  I’m going to plan on going to the gym on Saturday, Sunday, and Thursday (as long as Chris works from home on Thursday).  I hope to get to the gym on Tuesday (by bringing Em).  BUT.  Every single day, if I don’t get a gym workout in, I’m going to do 30 minutes (at least) on the treadmill at home.  I don’t like my home treadmill.  It feels like it’s speed is faster than the same speed at the gym.  For instance, 3.0 at the gym is a cool down.  At home, I’m struggling to keep up.  4.0 at the gym is a super easy light jog.  At home, I’m running.  Also, I usually just hop on with the idea of not doing a huge, sweaty workout, but just to move a little.  AND we have a Disney trip coming up.  (Wait, what?  I’ll connect it…I promise.)  So, for Christmas, I got these awesome, walking-on-a-cloud flip flops and I plan to wear them at Disney.  So, when I hope on the treadmill, I wear those…kind of to train myself for our upcoming trip and make sure I’ll be good wearing them there.  SO, since that’s the aim, I don’t go very fast at home at all.  So, it’s a light workout, but one just the same.

As for food, it’s a continual struggle.  I try to suck down water when I’m hungry, but honestly it just has no effect.  I’m trying to do fewer, larger snacks since those seem to fill me up much better.  I’ve got a smoothie concoction that does a good job.  We’ll see.

We had Em’s belt ceremony the Monday before last.  She got her Blue Recommended.  She didn’t score as well as she felt she should have, but it gives her something to work towards.  They weren’t bad scores, just not as good as her last one.  I feel like maybe they’re testing her with a higher standard in mind…like they know what she’s capable of and if she’s not meeting that, she doesn’t score as well.  And I’m fully in favor of that and told her that was what I thought, but I’d love it if they told her that, ya know?  She’s doing really well and she’s working really hard.  She went to TKD Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday last week and then Monday this week.  They were closed on the 4th and we went tubing on the 2nd.  Then after Monday this week they all went to World Championships so they were closed.  In those 4 days, she’s managed to learn half the form (the first 4 phases).  He only taught everyone else the first phase, but Em was so ready.  She wants to do competitions, so we need to talk to them about the one coming up in August in Augusta.  There’s another over Labor Day weekend, but we’re on the fence.  We always do DragonCon (and already bought our tickets), but there’s almost NO ONE on the guest list.  Seriously, I really want to see Karl Urban and there’s a small handful of other people I wouldn’t mind seeing, but that’s it.  So, we might do this tournament.  It’s in PCB, so maybe we’ll get a little beach time too.

Em had one of her friends go with her to our local aquatic center earlier this week and then spend the night.  They had a ton of fun.  Her other best friend has been out of town every other day, it seems, so they haven’t spent a lot of time with each other.  We did go meet them at the pool on Thursday and they had a good time.  Poor Em, though, she just doesn’t know how to deal with siblings…especially younger ones.  Her other best friend had a sister who’s 2 years older.  But this one, from the pool, has 2 younger ones.  The youngest is a girl and wants nothing more than to play with her.  The boy has some attention problems, so that kind of piles on top when he’s bugging them and won’t leave them alone…when his mom tells him to stop, he will, but forgets and then heads back over.  Em just doesn’t deal well.  At one point, she gave herself a time out because she was annoyed.  I was proud of her for that, actually.  Anyway, we’ve planned two sleepovers for them before they leave again.  Em’s spending the night with them on Monday night and her friend’s spending the night with us on Wednesday.

Last week Chris was off, but we didn’t do a lot of anything.  Chris took Em to White Water (I think…maybe it was Six Flags) early in the week.  We went to Helen on Wednesday to go tubing.  (It’s MUCH better with the sticks!)  We met my parents at a German restaurant that was YUM, but not healthy in the least.  Friday we spend a long time at the pool and Em found a friend to play with.  And she doesn’t seem to be one of the awful, snotty ones that most her class has turned into, so that’s good.  Other than that, I can’t recall much of anything that we did.

We did manage to complete almost all of her back to school shopping this week.  (Well, the school supplies part.)  Tell me, are your lists as annoying as our’s?  They’re SO SPECIFIC and I don’t know where they’re shopping at.  For instance, she needed pointed tip, 5″ kid’s scissors.  Well, the measurement part isn’t obvious at all on the package (at least at Target) and they don’t actually have 5″ AND pointed.  It’s one or the other.  Or they asked for a binder that’s “easy touch.”  All the one’s at Target said “one touch.”  Is that the same thing?  No clue.  Also, they wanted them to have latex free pencils and hypo-allergenic tissues…neither of which Target had.  Gah!  I was all annoyed about it (and still am a little), until I looked up at the top and saw the word “suggestions.”  Now, I feel more like a kindergarten teacher and have the “you get what you get and you don’t pitch a fit” attitude.  I did manage to miss an item when we shopped, so I need to pick that up at some point.  And Em picked out a new backpack, lunch box, and water bottle.  They all go together, of course.  😛  We still need to get her a few new outfits (because you HAVE to have back to school outfits!), but that’s it really.  They start back on the 4th and have open house on the 1st.  Her friend’s mom told me that they were going to mail out their teacher assignments on the 28th this year.  That’s new.  We’ll see.

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