Posted by: wildflowerz | September 12, 2014

Vroom, Vroom

I forgot to follow up on my promise of more posts from last week!  Oops.

So, we’re getting a new car.  Yay!  We’re trading in our new parent stupidity van and getting a crossover SUV.  We totally had Em, freaked out as new parents, and got the minivan.  Yeah, what can I say, but it was new baby brain.  It’s been okay, but it’s got SO MANY problems.  The power locks rarely work on the sliding doors,  the back door won’t stay up in the cold weather, the power window on the passenger side won’t work, the power steering fluid reservoir has a crack and a slow leak, and the sensor in the gas tank that shuts off the engine if the car flips is faulty and shuts off the engine if I fill the tank up all the way.  All those things are expensive to fix and can be lived with.  But they make the car a giant pain in the ass.  So we’re finally getting a new one.  This one’s 10 years old…it’s time.

I wanted a mid-size SUV.  I like sitting up higher, but I don’t want a truck or another van.  I also want some decent cargo space.  Those were my requirements.  Neither of us want a domestic make.  So, that’s where we started from.  We were willing to look at wagons and hatchbacks.  So, we went to CarMax first since they have most makes and models.  We eliminated most of the hatchbacks and wagons there, but just expanded our list of SUVs.  We did find that the crossovers were probably what we were going for.  We then visited a few dealerships to see what we’d missed at CarMax.  We weren’t set on new or used, but looking at the used available at CarMax, we both figured going new was going to be a better idea.

So, last weekend, Chris had to take his Civic in for an oil change.  It’s a hybrid, so it’s way easier to do it at the dealership.  So we decided we’d go for some test drives.  We drove the CR-V and liked it.  It’s got these cool handles in the back cargo area that you pull and the back seats fold down, completely flat.  The front has a TON of cubbies and such for random stuff.  The backup camera is standard.  It also comes in two colors I like a lot, a deep purple and a lighter blue.  We then went to Hyundai and drove the Tuscon.  We weren’t really impressed.  This is the only one where the back up cam isn’t standard.  It was boring on the inside and didn’t really have anything to recommend it at all.  So, we went to Toyota.  We drove the RAV4 there.  This is the only place we went where a salesperson wasn’t bowling us over.  We had to actually ask for someone and he totally didn’t seem into it at all.  The RAV4 has back seats that recline a decent amount.  But that was all that really recommended it.  The inside was kind of ugly.  And I believe it’s a bit more expensive that the others of the same class.  Then we went to Nissan.  We drove the Rogue.  Guys.  I LOVE how pretty the inside and out of the Rogue is.  It comes in a super pretty Cayenne Red too.  The new design is lovely and it looks so much more expensive than the others of it’s class, but it’s basically the same as the CR-V.  While we were there, Chris wanted to take a Leaf out.  It’s got an AWESOME lease deal right now where you’re practically driving it for free.  It also comes in the most gorgeous light blue color.  But I don’t want to drive a Leaf.  It was pretty cool and I wouldn’t mind it if we already had a bigger car (like if Chris wants to trade in his Civic), but otherwise no.

So, it’s down to the Rogue or the CR-V.  The insurance is basically the same between both of those and my van.  The price is about the same for both.  The gas mileage is slightly better on the Rogue, but not by a lot.  The CR-V has those handles for the back seat, lots of cubbies in the front, and the cargo space is much bigger, but the outside isn’t nearly as pretty as the Rogue.  The Rogue’s got the slightly better gas mileage and is pretty both inside and out, but the cargo space is significantly smaller.  Oh, we also get $1000 back on the CR-V if we buy it because of a lawsuit with Chris’s Civic.  Plus, Hondas last forever.  I don’t know much about Nissans.  So, anyone got any experience with the two?  Thoughts?  We’ll probably end up with the CR-V, but damn but the Rogue is pretty!


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