Posted by: wildflowerz | September 20, 2014

Disney Recap – Day One – Epcot

Hi there!  We’re back from Disney and we’re SO TIRED!  I’ve just finished up all the laundry and the last load just needs to be put away.  So, I thought I’d do some recaps of our trip.  If you’re into that type of thing, read on.  If not, feel free to skip.  I’m going to do a post per day and I’m going to try and be as specific and detailed as possible, but that will depend on how long the motivation lasts.  So, here we go:

Saturday morning we got up and had breakfast at home, loaded up the car, and then dropped the dog off at the kennel.  We got on the road after that around 8:15am or so.  On the ride down, we listened to the audiobook for The Giver.  We stopped for lunch at Arby’s and that’s the moment when I fell off the wagon.  🙂  We got down to Disney around 4:30pm and checked into our hotel, the Pop Century.  This is our second stay here.  The last time, we were in the 80s, this time we were in the 90s.  There’s not any real difference.  Both are near the computer pool, if you’re familiar, with the 90s being slightly farther from transportation.  We picked up our tickets for Spirit of Aloha at check in and the employee was strangely insistent that we had to be super careful with the tickets because if they’re ripped AT ALL, they’re invalid.  It seems odd that we still have to have actual tickets when we’ve got these Magic Bands that are supposed to hold all that kind of stuff.  It also turns out that employee was just being uber weird.  Anyway…

We got on the bus and headed over to Epcot.  We got off the bus just in time to use our Fast Pass for Spaceship Earth.  We got to walk right on, just like all the Standby people.  😛  It was totally useless.  We went over to Test Track after that. We waited 30 minutes.  This one’s Em’s favorite ride, so she was super excited.  After that, we went to Mission:Space and used our FP there.  It didn’t save us much time.  This will be a recurring theme of the week.  Anyway, we did the more intense orange, of course.  🙂  After that, we headed to the World Showcase for our dinner reservation at Marrakesh.  One of the short cut paths was closed for no apparent reason and we ended up having to travel there in the longest way possible.  So while we had left enough time to get there, we didn’t leave enough time to have to walk that far.  So there’s that.  We finally got there and got seated.  As predicted, Em didn’t want to have anything to do with the adult menu.  At age 10, kids are considered adults at Disney and they have to get the adult meal plan instead of the kid’s.  But she’s still super picky.  Luckily, we planned for her to do that most of the time.  We were able to use her table service credits for mine and Chris’s extra meals and just paid for Em’s much cheaper kid’s meals.  Chris and I each got the Marrakesh Feast.  It was a sampler thing with Harira soup and Beef Brewat Rolls for a starter.  Then the main meal was Marrakesh Mixed Grill (Tenderloin of Beef Shish Kebab, Lamb Merzuez Sausage, Marinated Chicken Kebab) served with roasted potatoes.  It was super yum.  With our meal plan, we were able to order that, but had to pay a tad more because it was more expensive.  TOTALLY worth it.  Our dessert was a small assortment of Moroccan pastries.  I didn’t enjoy them at all.  It’s just not my thing.  When we got our check, we’d see another trend for the week:  free food.  The waiter didn’t charge for Em’s main meal, so we just had to pay for her dessert and drink.


After dinner, we tried to find where to go for our Illuminations Fast Pass.  We asked 4 employees before we were finally able to find someone who knew were it was.  We’d read online where it was, but that there were several places.  Since the place we’d read about (where World Showcase starts from Future World) was the farthest from us, we wanted to know where the other was.  We ended up hoofing it back to the place near Future World.  Here’s some advice for you:  don’t do a FP for Illuminations.  We would never have bothered with it except that we were only there for a small portion of the day, so we decided to give it a shot.  It sucked.  We got there about 10 minutes before the show and it was packed.  The area was very small and cramped.  Given that overall attendance was so low, we could have easily found a better spot almost anywhere else.  So, there ya go.  Now, on to the actual Illuminations.  We’d never gotten around to seeing this one before.  Usually we’re too tired and just want to go back to our room.  Now we’ve seen it.  It’s definitely my least favorite of the shows.  It was fine, but it wasn’t awesome by any stretch of the imagination.  All of us were very underwhelmed.  Because we were closer to Future World, we got back to the buses before most of the people watching Illuminations, so it didn’t take too long to get back to the resort.  So that was good, at least.  🙂

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