Posted by: wildflowerz | September 20, 2014

Disney Recap – Day Two- Epcot

Yes, yes, Epcot again.  🙂  This was our first full day.  I use to get my individual park attendance predictions and generally try to stick with their recommendations for which day we should avoid or definitely go.  I don’t always do their #1 choice for the day, but I do avoid their last choice for the day.  So, Epcot.

P1020778We woke around 7am and had breakfast stuff in the room.  This will continue to be the one meal I was spot on every day but one.  I had my usual greek yogurt with chia seeds and a banana.  We headed to the buses a little after 8 and got there about 5 minutes before they started letting people in.  Each parks seems to be a little different.  MK will let you scan your band/ticket and get in before it opens, but has a little holding area for you to stand in for the official park opening.  The others seem to just do the bag check and then make you queue up at the ticket scanners.  After we got in, we immediately went to Test Track.  After that, we hit Sum of All Thrills in Innoventions.  We all did it the first time, with Em going with me.  The second time, I sat out and Chris did it with Em.  If you don’t know, this is an area where you can create your own roller coaster and then get in a simulator and actually ride it.  It used to be at Disney Quest in Downtown Disney, but at some point, they moved it to Innoventions.  After that, we went to do Mission:  Space again (orange, of course).  At some point in here we ran into our neighbors.  They were down at the same time and their first three days matched up with our first three days!  How cool is that?  And while I’m on the subject, at some point this day, Em ran into a classmate of her’s too.  It seems that all of our county was down at Disney.  (It was our Fall Break, if I haven’t mentioned that before.)

After Mission:  Space, we went on to do Soarin’.  We had Fast Passes this day for Soarin’, Mission: Space, and the Maelstrom.  The only one we used was the Maelstrom.  We had a 30 minute wait for Soarin’, but it wasn’t too bad.  Since we were there, we went ahead and did Living with the Land.  Nothing much new in that, but it’s a nice, relaxing ride with no real wait.  Next, we headed over to the World Showcase.  We first hit Mexico and had lunch at La Cantina de San Angel.  Since Em was on the adult meal plan and we didn’t need that many extra quick dining credits, we made her order from the regular menu for these.  Most of the time it wasn’t a big deal.  Here, she got nachos.  They were a little too spicy for her and the chips were awful.  Chris got Tacos de Carne and I got Tacos de Pollo.  They came in soft corn tortillas and weren’t great.  They were edible, but not fab.  They came with the same awful chips that came on Em’s nachos.  For dessert, we all got churritos, since the only other offering was paletas (or popsicles) and those would melt too quickly while we ate our regular meal.  They were okay.  The flavor wasn’t bad, but they were really rubbery.  This was by far our worst table service of our trip.

After lunch, we went to ride the Gran Fiesta Tour since we’d always skipped it.  It was meh.  After that, Chris and I stopped at La Cava del Tequila.  See, Chris said this was THE margarita place.  It really wasn’t what I wanted.  I wanted a nice, slushy frozen marg.  They didn’t have those here.  It was all about the tequila lover, which I’m not.  I got a pomengranate marg that was alright, but not what I wanted at all.  We went to the Agent P’s World Showcase spot next to Mexico and picked up a phone to do that.  It’s gotten a lot better since the last time we did it.  Last time it took us forever and everything was really vague.  We did Mexico and then Norway before I got bored with it and just wanted to stop.  We turned in the phone and headed on.  In Norway, they’ve got a Frozen Museum, which is pretty sparse.  Other than that, not much has changed.  We headed on to China and Em got a panda necklace.  By this time I was just hot and tired.  We then went on to Germany and looked around for a bit.  It was time for our Fast Pass for the Maelstrom, so we headed back to Norway for that.  It was fine, but not great.  We wanted to make sure to ride it one last time before they refitted it as a Frozen ride.

P1020797Next, we went to Japan and looked around for a while.  Then on to Morocco.  Next, we went to France where the highlight was L’Artisan des Glaces:  ice cream shop!  Chris and Em got plain chocolate, but I got the chocolate ice cream macaron.  I’d read where they had this cool brioche ice cream sandwich, but I didn’t see it on the menu.  I guess you could ask for it because I think I saw someone eating one later.  Oh well.  Mine was yum.  Next we went on to the United Kingdom.  I got a cool Mickey soccer shirt.  It’s got all the flags inside the outline of Mickey kicking.  We then went through Canada before heading over to ride The Seas with Nemo & Friends just because.  We tried to do Journey into the Imagination with Figment, but it was closed again.  It evidently was up and down all day.  We stopped at Mouse Gear to get a giant pink bow on a headband for Em before we headed back to Italy for our dinner at Via Napoli.

We were a little less impressed with Via Napoli this time.  Chris ordered the Lasagne Verde instead of pizza.  They warned it that it would probably come out at a different time because of the time it took to cook.  About 2 minutes later, his lasagne came.  He was almost finished with it by the time my Picante Pizza and Em’s kid’s Margarita Pizza came, about 10 minutes after that.  Okay, obviously they cook the lasagne in a big tray and dish it out when they need it.  So why can’t they dish it out when our pizza is read instead?  Our waitress was also super slow and missing for most of our meal.  We waited ages for refills.  For dessert, I had Coppa dii Brutti Ma Buon (Amarena cherry and vanilla gelato sundae).  I can’t remember at all what Chris got, but I think Em just got chocolate gelato.  Mine was super yum.  Continuing the free food tradition, this time, the waitress only made us pay for Em’s main meal and left off her drink and dessert!  After dinner we headed back to the hotel for a short dip in the pool before bed.


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