Posted by: wildflowerz | September 22, 2014

Disney Recap – Day Five – Magic Kingdom

We headed back to MK today!  I try and save a day for a repeat for the last day of the trip.  Usually the repeat day is MK.  However, TouringPlans said to absolutely not go to MK on Thursday, so here we are.  I think Thursday might have either been an EMH (Extra Magic Hours) day or possibly Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.  Or both.  🙂  Anyway, this day we got up a little early and stopped into the food area at Pop Century for breakfast.  I had the Bounty Platter with pancakes.  So, scrambled eggs, pancakes, potatoes, biscuit, sausage, and bacon.  When we came the last two times, we noticed that Disney has the worst bacon in the entire world.  Seriously, it was gross.  This time the bacon was good, but the eggs tasted like they came from a powder.  Ug.  The pancakes were also a bit rubbery.  Overall, it was okay, but not fab by any stretch of the imagination.  After that, it was on to MK.

We got there in plenty of time to see the entire park opening.  Just like our previous visit this week, we went to Space Mountain first, followed by Buzz Lightyear.  However, then we went over to ride the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.  It was a 30 or so minute wait, but there was a storm coming in and they kept saying they’d run until they could, but might have to shut down.  I think that made a lot of people bail.  Still, I think it took about 30 minutes for us to get through.  The storm never did fully come in.  After that, we did Haunted Mansion.  This one we’d missed out on doing last time because we just ran out of time.  Then it was on to Pirates of the Caribbean, where we still retained all our digits.  After that, Em rode the Mad Tea Party while Chris and I waited on her. 🙂

Next it was on to Bug Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain.  We stopped then and had Pinnochio Village Haus for lunch.  I had the Italian Flatbread Sub and Chris and Em got Pepperoni Flatbread.  My sub was tasty and super messy.  Chris and Em had chocolate cake (again) for dessert and I had the chocolate gelato.  It was good, but I like the cake better. 🙂  We then went over to Tom Sawyer Island.  We’d never bothered to do this one before.  It was a nice change, with not many people and we just wandered all over the place.  Next we decided we’d go back to our room for a rest.

P1020855We had Spirit of Aloha at the Polynesian for dinner and we left and hour and a half ahead of time to get over there.  We needed every bit of that time.  We got there with no time to spare!  We rode the bus to Epcot (we had forgotten that the Epcot monorail makes you change trains or we’d have done MK instead) and then switched to the monorail.  It’s a bit of a walk to Spirit of Aloha.  This is where we found out that our hotel person was just weird about the tickets.  They had a cash bar set up in the holding area selling all the stuff you get for free when you get into the SoA.  Yeah.  They had some bs about how the Magic Band stuff wouldn’t work right there or some such nonsense.  We got in and we’d used 2 dining credits and done the Tier 2 seating.  We were off stage right, three tables in from the front, but we had a great view.  The all you can drink part were a type of wine, sangria (which was decently yummy to this non-wine drinker), and I think two types of draft beer, as well as regular fountain drinks.  I started and finished with the sangria and had a Fire Knife Quencher (meh) in the middle.  Chris did beer.  Em had a virgin strawberry daquiri that she LOVED.  It came with a light up ice cube.  The appetizers, also all-you-can-eat, were pineapple bread (meh), a type of slaw that was okay, some yakisoba noodle concoction (yum!), a salad with I think apricots on top, and fresh pineapple.  The main meal was a really super yum pulled pork, roasted chicken, bbq ribs, and a vegetable medley.  Dessert was a yummy bread pudding.  Then, there was the entertainment.  Okay, the “story” is about a girl who’s leaving the village and her boyfriend and this is supposed to be her goodbye party.  There’s a side love story too.  All of it is kind of hosted by this chubby older lady who’s like everyone’s mom.  The story is silly.  But there’s tons of dancing and music, including native dances from all sorts of Polynesian countries.  Including a fire dance.  The men who are dancing are all smoking hot.  And the dancing is very entertaining.  We’d totally do this one again.

After dinner, we decided to head back to MK and use our FP for Seven Dwarfs.  Chris said the ride is supposed to be different at night and you notice different things.  I didn’t see any difference except that it was dark and I couldn’t see a lot of stuff.  But we were slightly tipsy by this time, so that made it hilarious.  After that we headed back to our hotel for an early bed time.

We had planned on doing Wishes this night and originally had FPs for it.  But since we saw it on our first MK day, we decided to skip it.  The night before, we changed our FPs, but I can’t remember what we changed them to.  I don’t think we used them.  We left the Seven Dwarfs one, though, and did use that.


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