Posted by: wildflowerz | September 22, 2014

Disney Recap – Day Four – Hollywood Studios

P1020842We started day four just like the others, waking up at 7, having breakfast in the room, and then heading to the park.  We got there around 8:30 or so and waited for the park to open.  So, they’ve been doing the Summer of Frozen stuff at Hollywood Studios.  They extended it so it was still going on while we were there.  I thought I saw in the times guide that Anna and Elsa were opening the park.  So, when they opened, we went up to the stage set up in front of the hat.  Turns out it was Olaf (via video) and a human emcee.  It was short, so we watched and then headed over to Rockin’ Roller Coaster.  Yay!  On our way to Tower of Terror, we ran into another set of neighbors!  Their daughter that Em’s frinds with as on some kind of tour for a home school group, but we saw the parents and younger brother.  Anyway, then it was on to Tower of Terror.  Can I just say that the employees working both Tower of Terror and Haunted Mansion in the holding rooms are just spot on.  They’re totally creepy and just perfect for the ride.

After Tower, we went over to do the Studio Backlot Tour.  Okay, yawn.  A while ago, they took out part of this tour, but either way, it’s just boring after the first time.  But I think they’re getting rid of it, so we wanted to go ahead and do it one last time.  Next, we did Star Tours.  Last time we were here, we’d heard that each ride on Star Tours was different.  We rode it twice last time and had the exact same ride.  This time it was a bit different.  After Star Tours, we did MuppetVision.  This one changed in the pre-show very slightly to put stuff in from the newest Muppet movie.  But the actual attraction is the same and a bit boring.  By then it was time for our Toy Story FP, so we went and rode that one.  We love it.

After Toy Story, it was time for a lunch break.  Okay, we try to do different places for food, but we just always seem to end up at the ABC Commissary.  It’s large, air-conditioned, and never completely full inside.  I had the Asian Salad with Chicken that I remembered as being really good last time.  It wasn’t great this time.  It wasn’t awful, but it was really kind of bland.  Chris and Em had burgers.  Then, I had an Olaf (carrot cake) cupcake for dessert and Chris and Em had chocolate cake again.  After lunch, we went out and were headed to find restrooms when we ran into one of Em’s TKD instructors and his fam.  We talked to them for a bit and saw one of the previously mentioned neighbors that we saw at Epcot the day before last.

Next, our FP for Star Tours was up, so we did that before heading to the Lights, Motors, Action! Stunt Show.  This one they actually changed appreciably since the last time we saw it.  They added a Cars element and a few other things.  It was cool, but it’s on stadium-type seating where it’s metal benches with no backs.  My back was KILLING me by the time we were done.  After this, we headed over to do the Frozen Sing-A-Long, making a stop for an Olaf drink and some frozen lemonade in between.  The Sing-A-Long is part of the Summer of Frozen and I think it’s where the American Idol thing used to be.  We aren’t AI fans, so we’ve always skipped that, so I don’t know for sure.  Anyway, this was cute.  Anna started the whole thing and she was super cute.  She introduced two “historians” who were funny.  Elsa and Kristoff showed up later.  They’re weren’t quite as cool as Anna, but not bad.  We had fun, though none of us are uber-fans of Frozen.

P1020844Next we rode the Tower of Terror again with our Fast Pass and then stood in line for a bit to do Rockin’ Roller Coaster again.  We then went and stood in a long line to do Toy Story again.  By then, it was time for dinner.  We’re decided to try the Sci Fi Dine In again.  Chris and I had done it during our first visit together and weren’t terribly impressed.  I think we all liked it better this time, though I’m not sure why.  Chris and I had the Famous All-American Picnic Burger.  This is a burger with sauteed onions, a hot dog, and saurkraut (which we both left off).  It was yum, though I’m not sure I’d order it again.  The hot dog didn’t add a welcome flavor in my opinion, though Chris loved it.  Chris and Em both got shakes.  I wanted one, but I knew it would hurt my tummy, so I just had a few sips of Em’s.  Em had a burger for dinner, which the waitress kept calling a liver burger and Em kept ignoring.  😛  For dessert, Chris just went with the fruit plate because he was so full.  Em didn’t have dessert at all, she was so full.  I had the Candy Bar and it was yum.  I totally ate too much, but it was so good.

After dinner, we had a few minutes, so we did Star Tours again.  Yes, third time.  And we had three different rides, so that was cool.  Then we headed over to Fantasmic!  We’d gotten FPs for this.  Hollywood Studios is one of the places where you pick FPs from groups.  The first group, where you can only pick one, has both Tower of Terror and Rockin’ Roller Coaster.  The second group has Toy Story (the only ride you need a FP for at HS) and Star Tours.  That’s why we got a FP for Star Tours.  So, for our third we just tried Fantasmic!  I don’t think it made any difference.  It funneled us into a spot on the far left of the arena.  The seats were fine, but I think we might have done just as well with standby.  The show was awesome.  Last time we saw it from the very back and there was a pole and several employees standing in our way, so we couldn’t see a lot.  It started raining right at the very end, but it was a super light rain and not bad.  Since we’d been funneled to the far left, we were at the back of the pack for the buses.  It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as our MK experience.  And that ends day four.


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