Posted by: wildflowerz | September 22, 2014

Disney Recap – Day Six – Animal Kingdom & Downtown Disney

Animal Kingdom day!  The day I was actually least looking forward to because of how we’d planned it out.  I’ll explain when we get to that part of the program.  We started our day up at 7 and having breakfast in the room before we headed to the buses.  We got there with about 15 minutes to spare before the park opens.  AK does nothing really to open the park except just start scanning Magic Bands.

On our previous trips, we had hit Kilimanjaro Safaris first thing and then gotten Em’s face painted right outside there.  Chris insisted we follow the plan on TouringPlans, so instead we went over to the Primeval Whirl.  There was no one there, so we got to ride twice without even getting off.  Next we rode Dinosaur.  Em doesn’t like this one at all, but I think it’s fine.  Next, we went to everyone’s favorite:  Expedition Everest.  We all three rode twice with only a minute or so wait.  Then, Em and I rode again.  So, Em and I rode 3 times in about 15 minutes time!  Next, we headed over to Kali River Rapids.  This had always been closed when we went before.  I’m glad it was now.  Ug.  It’s like Thunder River at Six Flags, but WAY wetter.  They do, at least, have a little compartment in the middle where you can put your bags and cameras and such.  So, there’s that.  We got DRENCHED.  It was an extremely bad decision and I very much regret it.  I actually looked at a few placed on the way out to see if I could find some shorts to buy and change into.  Didn’t happen.  Anyway, before we left, we trekked back over to Kilimanjaro and got Em’s face painted.  She picked Ice Queen or something.

Here’s the part I wasn’t so fond of.  We then left the park on a bus to go over to Animal Kingdom Lodge for lunch.  This was Chris’s idea.  I approved of the place and even his reasoning, but just leaving the park to go to lunch annoys me.  We barely had any time in the park before we have to leave again and the bus stuff just seems to take forever.  I felt like we wasted a lot of time.  Now add to it that we’re all soaked and we’ve got to sit in an extremely air conditioned restaurant for the next hour or so and we don’t have a happy Jenn.  So, now that complaining is out of the way, let’s get to what was good.  🙂  The Animal Kingdom Lodge actually has zoo-type animals outisde their rooms.  The hotel’s in kind of a U shape and the animals roam around in the middle of the U.  The restaurant, Sanaa, is on the ground floor and looks out on the animals while you eat.  Cool, huh?  Supposedly, you should get a lunch reservation, the first time slot available so you can sit next to the windows and it’s light out.  Also, the animals are more active at that time.  We saw tons of cool animals.  Chris had heard that the Bread Service was very good, so we went ahead and added that to our meal.  It’s 3 different flavors of naan and 9 different spreads.  Most of them were pretty good, but my favorite was a hummus.  Em just liked the bread.  For our meal, Chris and I both got the “Slow Cooked in Gravy, Simple and Well Seasoned” options.  You pick 2 entries and your rice.  I got pilaf with Butter Chicken and Chicken Vindaloo.  Chris got basmati with Chicken Vindaloo and Beef Short Ribs.  Both of mine were spicy, but the Vindaloo more so.  Em got a cheeseburger.  For dessert, Chris got a trio of Tanzanian Chocolate Mousse, banana cheesecake and seasonal kulfi.  I got the Tanzanian Chocolate Mousse.  Em got a cookie sundae thing.  She didn’t care for the actual cookie, but she ate the frosting and mini M&Ms. 😛

We were still so cold and wet and miserable, that we rode the bus back to AK, then got the Pop bus back to our hotel.  We changed and rested for a bit and opted to not go back to AK and instead go to Downtown Disney.  For AK, the only thing we didn’t get to that we wanted was Kilimanjaro Safaris, Flights of Wonder, and Festival of the Lion King.  So, off to DtD we were.  I can’t remember why I was so enamoured with DtD  before.  We looked in Little Miss Matched and got Em a couple of cute tank tops.  And, of course, we went in the giant Disney store.  We got a Minnie Tank for Em, a cute Disney shirt for me, a coffee mug for Chris, and a Disney beach towel.  We wandered off and looked at other stuff too.  We came upon Raglan Road (where we’d had a 7pm reservation).  It was only 3:30 and we were so tired and almost done with DtD, so we stopped in and had them change our reservation to 5 instead.  We wandered on and looked some more places, but never found much.  We had two free passes to Disney Quest, so Chris and Em did that.  I looked in some stores and then camped out at a table in the shade outside of Starbucks and read a book that Em had picked up.  (One of the Kingdom Keepers books.)  They finished and we walked back to Raglan Road with barely time to spare for dinner.

P1020873Aah, dinner.  We were seated RIGHT in front of the stage and off to the left.  They had dancers that were really cool and a duo of Irish singers that were also good.  We very much enjoyed it.  For dinner, I had Bangers and Booz (bangers and mash) and Chris had Serious Steak.  Em had, of course, a burger.  But her’s tasted kind of burnt and she didn’t enjoy it.  Mine was good and I know Chris liked his.  Then, we get to dessert.  I wish someone had warned me first, so I’ll officially warn anyone that’s reading:  If you eat at Raglan Road, go VERY light on your entree and save all your room for dessert.  I got the Bread and Butter Pudding and it was SO GOOD!  It’s served in a large mug, overflowing.  And it’s got two tiny carafes of caramel and cream.  I couldn’t finish it and I was DETERMINED.  YUM.  I can’t remember what Chris had, but Em had some kind of sundae.  Guys.  It was SO GOOD.

We briefly thought about trying to head over to Hollywood Studios to ride a few rides, but it started thundering and lightening.  Then it rained a bit, so we called it a night and headed back to the hotel.  Chris and Em used some of the free arcade credits we got and I packed up our stuff since we were leaving the next day.


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