Posted by: wildflowerz | September 29, 2014

/BobBarkerVoice “A NEEEWW CAR!” /endBobBarkerVoice




We got it!  Yay!  Saturday we went down to CarMax and got a quote for my craptastic minivan.  We stopped by Pollo Tropical for lunch and then headed down to the car dealership.  One of our neighbors is the sales manager or something at that Honda place, otherwise we’d have just went to the one closer to us.  We took this one for an extended test drive and still loved it.  We headed back and did the usual bullshit haggling where they add $500 onto the price and we tell them to take it back off.  Blah, blah, blah.  Then they offered us $100 less than CarMax for the used car.  So they took the $500 off and added the $100 to the used car buyout and got a deal.  Chris had already gotten a loan offer from his credit union, but we said we’d go with them if they’d meet or beat it.  Then we sat around for hours and hours (okay, maybe it just felt that way) in their lobby waiting to see the finance people.  We finally got back to see them after 5pm or so.  They couldn’t beat the credit union rate, so we wrote them a check for the down payment and signed a bunch of stuff.  Then we agreed to bring the credit union check on Monday and that was it.

I love it!  I played with it all weekend.  My van was a 2005 so the technology was nil.  But this one has all sorts of cool stuff!  It’s got a backup camera.  It’s also got bluetooth that lets me answer WITH my car, including answering with pre-written texts!  I can upload 3 of any pics for background pictures that show up on the backup camera screen when it’s not in use.  And my iPod plugs directly in to the stereo.  I know this all probably sounds extremely commonplace to all of you, but my old was was a decade old!  So, I’m excited.  Here’s some pictures:


  IMG_20140929_130629243_HDR IMG_20140929_130643164_HDR IMG_20140929_130656782 IMG_20140929_130709895



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