Posted by: wildflowerz | September 29, 2014

You’re picture perfect blue, sunbathing under moon. Stars shining as your bones illuminate.

Starting Weight: 239.2
Current Weight: 174.0
Weekly Change: +4.8
Total Loss: 65.2
4th and Final Goal: 89.2 (150lb Goal Weight)
Daily Points Allowance: 26
Activity Point Earned Last Week: 27
Weekly Points Used Last Week:  8

Oof.  When I came back from Disney, I was up almost 10lbs.  So, I guess when you look at that info, this 4.8 for the two weeks isn’t really that bad.  Yeah.  We’ll stick with that.  I feel like I’ve got a bit more motivation this week.  I’m still having issues, but I’m getting better, I think.  I had a super awesome workout yesterday.  I used the 5k setting on the treadmill and just did my own, very short intervals.  I alternated, in the first mile, between 4.0 and 6.0, with a few 3.0 jogs.  In the second mile, I did 7.0 instead of 6.0.  Same in the last mile, but with fewer 7.0s since I was getting tired by then.  But I still felt it was a really good workout.  I also did arms yesterday.  Today I did legs, along with an elliptical workout.  I tried a different program, the weight loss one.  I wasn’t impressed with it.

Em had a friend spend the night on Friday night.  Today, she’s got Reading Bowl.  Tomorrow, I’ve got to go to an AIM curriculum night.  It’s the first time they’ve done that.  It will probably be yet another PowerPoint that’s read to us like we’re idiots.  /sigh  This weekend we’re going up to spend the night at my parents’ house.  My mom wants us to come to church with her.  /again with the sigh

Nothing much else going on.  The next weekend Em’s got a Board Break-A-Thon with TKD, then we’re having friends over for a game.  The next weekend she’s got her belt test.  I have to say, I’m not as thrilled with her TKD lately.  Mondays and Wednesdays are now the instructor who was out for so long after he had a heart attach.  He’s different than her regular teacher.  I prefer her regular one, but I do like that she has some different stuff with this one.  But there’s another thing.  The regular instructor has a son who plays football for the local high school.  He plays on Thursdays, so the instructor has someone coming in to do those classes.  The assistant is this guy who is, in my opinion, too much of a hard ass.  He’s entirely too serious and not enough fun.  He’s entirely too quick to punish.  The person who’s running the class has just come back to TKD, I think.  She’s young and she’s silly.  She seems lost most of the time.  She helps out on the other days the main instructor is there too.  And lately he seems to mostly let her take over while he doesn’t do a whole lot.  So yeah.  Not only that, but on Tuesdays and Thursdays, she does the Leadership class, followed by the Black Belt Club class.  BBC is for anyone camo belt and higher.  Leadership’s just the Leadership program.  When she started Leadership, she was doing different stuff:  weapons, combat sparring, advanced self-defense…  But now?  Those two classes are EXACTLY the same, especially when the female instructor is there.  So, why are we paying so much for Leadership?


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