Posted by: wildflowerz | October 23, 2014

You got to dig a little deeper. Don’t have far to go. You got to dig a little deeper. Tell the people Mama told you so.

Yeah, that updating every day thing didn’t last long, did it?  🙂

I’m happy to say that I think the meds have kicked in somewhat.  After my last entry, the next few days saw the alleviation of the OMGEATALLTHETIME feeling.  I wasn’t SUPER hungry at all.  I was hungry, but not awfully so.  I’ve had a few challenges in those days too.  On Monday, Em stayed after school with a friend to work on a project.  When she got home, we powered through as much of her homework as we could before getting ready and going to her belt ceremony.  We’d planned on going out to eat afterwards, so I’m saved a lot of my P+.  But the belt ceremony ended up being 2 1/2 hours long because in addition to the 7 new black belts, we also had three achieving 2nd degree and 2 achieving 3rd degree.  So, yeah.  It took forever.  When we finally got out of there, we were all really hungry.  Em LOVES Wendy’s and since we didn’t have it (like usual) on Friday, we just picked up food on the way home.  I got my usual Asian Chicken salad, but it REALLY just didn’t taste good to me.  I had half of it before ditching it and just making a sandwich.

Tuesday was Family Math Night at Em’s school.  And since her TKD studio is closed today through Saturday (for Fall Nationals in Orlando) and she’s got a tournament the following weekend, she wanted to get in as much as she could.  So, we took her to the leadership class and then went on to Family Math night.  They had pizza there, which Chris and Em had, but I’d eaten before TKD.  Last night wasn’t as bad.  I made chili and we ate after TKD.  Then we had to head out to get family pictures done for a Relay for Life fundraiser for Em’s school.

I’ve managed to get some good Activity Points going this week.  I’m up to 30 and that doesn’t count today even.  Oh, did I mention the other side effect that’s kicked in?  I’m SUPER thirst a LOT.  I’m drinking 6-7 bottles of water (3 cups/bottle) a day.

Today I went and did the Lunch Walk thing at Em’s school.  Tomorrow I get to weigh in.  My home scale’s showing a big loss, so I’m excited to go!  Saturday morning, we’re doing a Superheroes 5K in the morning and then we’ve got nothing for the rest of the weekend.


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