Posted by: wildflowerz | January 23, 2015

It’s not you, it’s me.

I’ve totally been avoiding you.  I REALLY been sucking it up.  I have excuses.  Some might even be reasons, but it’s really all down to me.  It’s totally all my fault.  I guess I should fill you in.

So when I last made a regular post, I reported that I’d had that horrible tooth pain and had a dentist appointment.  I went to the dentist.  I did need a root canal.  The dentist gave me pain meds and an antibiotic.  Turns out the antibiotic that the Teledoc called in for me would have been good if I’d had a skin condition.  But for a toothache, not so much.  So, armed with drugs, I went home.  The pain meds didn’t really help a whole lot.  I was still in tons of pain.  I got an appointment for the root canal on New Year’s Day.  The evening before I felt SO BAD.  Chris ended up taking Em to her friend’s house for NYE while I stayed at home.  I got the root canal and immediately felt SO MUCH better.  I just went on Wednesday to get the second half of the root canal done and I’m a bit sore now.  I still need to go to the dentist to get a crown, but the tooth thing is mostly done.

I got back to the gym for a couple of days and then on Friday the 9th, I got some sort of rash.  After lunch, I started itching like crazy.  It started on my inner thighs and spread.  It was mostly on my arms and inner thighs, but my stomach also itched for quite a while.  Hydrocortisone cream didn’t help at all.  Nothing helped.  The only thing new I’d had to eat was some artichokes for lunch on Friday and on Thursday.  I’ve had them before, it’s just not something I normally eat and probably haven’t had them for years.  By Monday, I was ready to cut off my hands.  It spread to the palms of my hands and itched SO FREAKING BAD.  So I went to the doctor on Monday.  Oh, I forgot to mention, I had a slight cold with this.  VERY mild, but it started at the same time.  So, the doctor says it’s an allergic reaction and I have a cold.  He prescribed tons of meds.  I got a steroid, an inhaler, and a zpack.  He also prescribed an epipen as a precaution, but since that thing was over $300, I left it at the pharmacy.  Turns out, in the process of all those scrips, the allergy med didn’t make it to the pharmacy, so I never got that.  By Friday, I was still itching like crazy with no relief.  It had let up on my palms, but had moved to the soles of my feet.  I called the doctor again and he prescribed a stronger steroid, one that you take a bunch of times a day and then taper off.  That’s when we realized I’d missed the allergy med and he called that in too.  The allergy med makes you sleepy and the steroid makes you jumpy.  Luckily, for the most part, they cancelled each other out.  After taking these for a couple of days, I felt much better.  I’m totally off the steroids now, but still taking the allergy med.  I still itch and I’ve got spots everywhere off and on.  The spots move, mostly showing up on my chest and stomach, arms, and upper thighs.  Sometimes they’re tiny little red dots and sometimes they’re big splotchy areas.  Activity and heat make them stronger.  The rash doesn’t always correspond to the itching.  The itching isn’t terrible anymore, but it’s still there.

So, through all that, I didn’t go to the gym at all.  I finally got back there yesterday.  I went in with nothing much for a rash and left with my inner arms completely red, though not itching any more than what’s become usual.  So, I don’t know.

Through all this, I’ve mostly been HORRIBLE with the diet.  I’ve eaten and eaten and eaten.  Along with Christmas and my birthday (which we didn’t really celebrate since I felt so awful), we also had our 15 year anniversary and then Em’s birthday.  We went to a local, bit nicer restaurant for our anniversary.  Afterwards, we went to the local awesome cupcake place for that and since we didn’t do anything for our anniversary.  Since then, I haven’t been able to stay away from the sweets. Em’s birthday was this past Wednesday.  She had a joint bday party with her best friend on Saturday.  Her best friend’s uncle, who’s an art teacher, came and did an art party for them.  They all decorated canvases.  It was really cool.  Afterwards, two of her friends came back and spent the night.  Monday Em was out of school for MLK.  We had planned of doing a 5K for Em’s future high school.  The entire thing was a mess.  Everything to do with it was screwed up.  Because of that and because of my itching, we decided to just skip it.  Instead we went to the used book store and then made cupcakes for the next day.

Tuesday Em had the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl after school.  Em brought the cupcakes we’d made since her birthday was the next day.  To be honest, I was quite worried about her team.  Most of the kids hadn’t even gotten through reading all the books once, much less the twice that they were supposed to.  I think Em’s the only one who read them twice.  But they totally did great!  There were five rounds with 10 questions each.  They get 10 points for each correct answer.  In the end, the team with the most points, overall, wins.  Em’s team lost the first two rounds.  But they did awesome on the last three, including a shutout on one!  The ended up with 220 or so points.  They didn’t win…I’ve no idea how they did in relation to anyone else, but I was so proud of them!  They did really well and even WAY better than they did the previous year.

The NEXT day was Em’s actual birthday.  She requested doughnuts for her class, so I went early to Publix and got those and delivered them.  She had them glazed in blue and purple.  🙂  I totally got way too many!  I thought she had 36 kids in her class, plus she wanted to give them to her 3 teachers, and 3 other of her friends.  I don’t know if too many were out or we were wrong about the number, but she brought 13 back home with her!  We ended up taking them to TKD that night for those classmates.  That evening, she requested O’Charley’s for dinner, followed by DQ for dessert.  We don’t eat out much during the week, so it surprised us that Wednesday was free pie day at O’Charley’s.  So we ended up with pie to go and then at DQ.  At DQ it was customer appreciation day, so we got one of our Blizzards for free.  Yeah.

All that leads to today.  I sucked it up (and in!) and went to WW.  I know I’ve not updated in quite a few weeks, so I’ll just give you this week’s results and my total.  I gained 2.8lbs this week.  :-O  Overall, I’m at 177.2.  That makes my total loss 62lbs.  This past week, despite the fact that I’ve only gone to the gym once and that’s the only day I did any regular exercise, I earned a total of 39 Activity Points!  I haven’t been particularly active, so I’m not sure what’s up.

Today, I decided I needed a do-over.  I bought a new 12 week tracker and started it.  I sat in the kitchen today and planned my food and activity for the entire week.  My goal right now is to stay on track for today.  I’m only going to worry about today.  Tomorrow, I’ll worry about that day.  Etc, etc.  There are some other things I’ve let slide that I need to work on, but for now, that’s all I’m doing.  Once I’ve got a handle on that for a few weeks, I’ll start making more changes (I’m looking at you diet soda).



  1. I am sorry you have had to deal with all of these frustrations! Great job getting back on track!

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