Posted by: wildflowerz | April 2, 2015

When your legs don’t work like they used to before and I can’t sweep you off of your feet, will your mouth still remember the taste of my love? Will your eyes still smile from your cheeks?

/wave  Remember me?  It’s been over 2 months since my last post, so I don’t blame you if you’ve forgotten me.  I’m doing horribly.  Probably why I haven’t updated.  I keep gaining.  I’m hungry all the time and I crave sweets constantly.  My clothes are too tight.  I’m not happy.  And I can’t seem to figure out how to get myself out of this.  I thought I had a good start this week.  I planned on trying to do all Simply Filling (basically lean meats, rf or ff dairy, whole grains, and fruits & veg).  But it’s Em’s Spring Break week.  My mom wanted Em to come up and spend some time.  Since Em doesn’t want to miss any TKD classes, we both went up on Saturday after class and planned to stay until Monday around lunch.  To say the choices weren’t great is an understatement.  And the temptation!  My mom knows how much I struggle.  Yet what did she have?  Mini cupcakes.  Blueberry streusel muffins.  Jellybeans.  2 types of ice cream.  Oreos.  Not only that, but for dinner the first night, we had chicken, cheese, and broccoli casserole a la Paula Dean.  The next night?  Ribs.  The last day we were going to have lunch.  Just sandwiches, so it should be safe.  Except there wasn’t enough sandwich meat.  So I figured Em would eat and then we would just go and I’d find something healthy along the way or at home.  But my mom would NOT STOP pushing me to eat.  I eventually had a banana and a protein bar.  And then had lunch when I got home.  Grrr!

I’m not sure why I can’t seem to get it together.  The interrupted exercise isn’t helping.  I’ll finally get back on track somewhat with that (after the Xmas holidays, sickness, etc) when Em has a week-long winter break.  Then I’ll finally get back on track with exercise again and now we’re at Spring Break.  Yes, I could adapt, but did I mention the really struggling part?  I know what works well for me (gym first thing in the morning) and while if I’m on a good streak, I can usually adapt, if I’m really struggling to get it together, it’s SO much harder and usually it just doesn’t happen.  The food’s been the worst thing, though.  I do well with breakfast.  I get hungry about an hour before lunch, but I’m usually good until then.  Lunch is usually fine too.  But about an hour after lunch, I’m SO hungry.  I try and hold out until 2 when I do a snack (protein and fruit usually).  But then I want to just keep eating.  Nonstop.  /sigh

Enough of that, I’m still looking for solutions, but I’ve got nothing but causes and excuses, so on to something else.

Em has been SO motivated with TKD.  Even more so than usual.  Since she started helping out to fulfill that volunteer obligation for Beta Club, she’s become obsessed.  She’s usually attending 9 of her own classes each week, in addition to helping out with 6 more.  She’s practicing her current form in addition to her last one (so she doesn’t forget it), as well as the Basic/Tiny Tiger form for this cycle and last cycle (so she doesn’t forget it).  She’s also doing a challenge from her instructor to do 50 pushups a day for March.  She ended up challenging herself to continue it, so she’s still doing that.  In addition to that, she’s also doing some basic drills to help her with her form every day.  She gives herself Sunday off, but she does it every other day of the week.  She’s doing really well helping with the classes too.  She’s opening up more, where before she had a hard time being loud and commanding and felt kind of flustered if she was asked to do anything that addressed more than one person.  She does really well in one-on-one with the kids too that she’s helping.  I’m SO proud of her.

She also got another great report card.  I think it was two 99s, one 98, one 96, and two 93s.  She and her partner will be going to the state social studies fair competition this month too.  Did I mention that?  I can’t remember.  The district competition was postponed because of the weather.  They had it the week after they should have, when Em had a TKD competition scheduled.  If she hadn’t gone to the SS fair, her partner could have presented, but they’d have had lots of points taken off.  So we were able to get our money back for the TKD tournament.  She was looking forward to being able to compete in the next one, though.  It’s pretty local and also the last one of the TKD year.  Except at the district SS fair, they did so well that they’re going on to State.  Guess when the State comp is?  The same day as the TKD tournament.  Sometimes it’s just really not fair.  It irritates me still.  I mean, Em’s not really overloaded with activities.  The TKD stuff is her own making.  She really only has to go 3x a week.  And if she’s got too much going on or needs a break, she just skips some TKD classes.  But everything keeps happening at the same time!  One of the other TKD moms said that if she was ranked, she could go to Districts.  Em’s got only 1 point in forms from the first comp she did, so that makes her ranked, evidently.  I don’t know.  I guess we’ll see when it gets closer.

Oh, we did decide on vacation and we’re doing Disney again.  This time we’ve added in 2 days at Universal and are only doing 3 1/2 days at Disney.  Here’s our plan:

  • Sunday:  Arrival day.  Epcot with dinner at Rose & Crown
  • Monday:  Hollywood Studios with dinner at Sci Fi Dine In
  • Tuesday:  Magic Kingdom with lunch at Be Our Guest and dinner at Tony’s
  • Wednesday:  Universal Studios with dinner at Boma
  • Thursday:  Animal Kingdom with lunch at Yak & Yeti
  • Friday:  Islands of Adventure with dinner at Spirit of Aloha

We’ve got a lot of repeat with the dining.  In fact, Boma and Tony’s are the only new places for us.  And Tony’s is only there because I couldn’t get Be Our Guest for dinner.  Oh well.  Rose & Crown was the trip before last.  Sci Fi Dine In we went last time, but Em LOOOVED it, so there ya go.  Yak & Yeti was the time before last, but Chris and I LOVED it.  And Spirit of Aloha as our last trip, but we all loved it.  This time, we’re doing the later show, so the fire should look really cool.  We noticed that on Epcot, HS, & AK days, we REALLY didn’t need the entire day.  So on our Epcot day, we’re just going to try to do Test Track, Mission Space, and Soarin’ and then dinner.  We weren’t overly impressed with Illuminations last time, so we may or may not stay for that.  Hollywood Studios day, we’ll probably take a break in the middle of the day and come back.  Hopefully we’ll get to see Fantasmic! again because we all love that one.  AK day we’re doing lunch instead of dinner.  We’ll probably head back to the hotel room for a rest and/or swim and then head to Downtown Disney to shop and do a counter service dinner, maybe Earl of Sandwich.  We used last time to make our own plans.  We did that again and every day has us finishing (even MK day!) by 2pm or so.  Even the Universal days with all the crowded HP stuff.  So, we’ll see.


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