Posted by: wildflowerz | August 4, 2015

Band-aids don’t fix bullet holes. You say sorry just for show. If you live like that, you live with ghosts.

Hi again.  I’m a bad blogger.  I do keep up my reading lists, but for actual blog posts?  Not so much.

So, let me update you:  Em did go to the state social studies fair.  She and her partner didn’t place at all.  Em took it well. Her partner was a bit upset.  Fifth grade ended with Em barely squeaking out an A in Math.  In fact, she’s lucky they round to whole numbers because she had an 89.6.  Seriously.  She’d been getting low Bs on tests near the end of the quarter, so we’d decided she probably would end up with a B.  But somehow, she ended up okay.  She was upset about it for a while, but by the end of the year, she was okay.  But she was really happy to see that she ended with an A.  The thing is, what she was messing up on was little things.  She hurries through her work and misses small things….she understands the concept.  So, yeah.  After not really wanted to do Junior Beta Club, she was upset that she wouldn’t be able to continue with it if she got a B!  So, she ended the school year on the honor roll.  She was recognized for a ton of things at Honors Day.

Our summer was pretty lazy.  Em went to Girl Scout camp the second week of summer.  It was the first year she was able to do the overnight, so she was happy about that.  This is her last year in GS.  The rest of the summer, we did the pool and tons of TKD classes.  Chris started taking TKD too.  This last testing, he made Orange Belt and Em got Black Belt Recommended.  That means she’s got a black and red belt (with a yellow stripe for leadership) and she’ll be able to test for First Degree Black at the next Black Belt testing (which will be in October).  She’s so excited.  She’s been doing the Black Belt classes.  These are longer than all the other classes and tougher.  They’re tiring her out, but she’s enjoying it.  She’s helped with Tiny Tigers all summer.  The schedule has changed now that school’s back in, so she’s not helping with some Basic classes instead.  We’re just kind of playing it by ear for classes.  Obviously school homework comes first.  She was also able to compete in the District Championships.  She didn’t place, but she did well.  She missed one move, somehow, on her form.  I thought she looked GREAT though.  We spend the rest of the day cheering on her friends.

Em started back school yesterday.  I was totally more nervous than she was.  Seriously.  We went to Open House last week and met her teachers.  It was a madhouse.  SO crowded.  We couldn’t even find her gym teacher!  She’s got all Advanced Classes, excepting Math, where she’s got Accelerated.  In Accel. Math, they do all of 6th grade’s work, plus half of 7th.  By the end of next year, she’ll be a whole year ahead.  Her teacher for Math is the one teacher we know at the school.  Her daughter is one of Em’s classmates.  In fact, they were best friends in kindergarten and they played soccer together in 4th grade.  Anyway, she opted not to do chorus or band, so she’s got PE all year on B days and alternating with 4 different things on A days.  She’s got Health the first quarter.  She had a great first day, but said it was super boring because they just went over rules, rules, and more rules.  They had shortened classes, and ended the day with a “we made it through the first day” pep rally.  🙂  Of course, last night she went to Taekwondo.  🙂


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