Posted by: wildflowerz | September 29, 2015

Disney, Day One – Drive Down & Epcot

So, we’re back.  We’ve been back for a while, but I’ve been putting these off.

So, a week ago, Saturday we got in the car, dropped off the dog, and drove down to Disney World.  About half way there, the air conditioning stopped working in the car.  It was MISERABLE.  We left it off for a while and about an hour before we got there, we tried it again and it was working.  Not sure what happened, but it was miserable there for a while.  We arrived at our hotel, Pop Century again, around 4pm.  Our room wasn’t ready, so we left our car and took the bus over to Epcot.  We got there a little before 5pm.  We hit Spaceship Earth right away.  We then did Sum of All Thrills.  Someone had some sort of medical issue right before we headed into the orientation room, so it took a while.  Not sure what happened.  It looked like some woman was over-served, but I don’t know.  After that, we headed over to Mission Space, Orange of course.  Then we used our FPs for Test Track.  We headed on over to Rose & Crown for our dinner reservation and got a LOVELY seat outside, right next to the railing.  Em and I got bangers and mash and Chris got steak and fried fish.  I had the sticky toffee pudding for dessert (REALLY yum) and Chris had the chocolate bread pudding (it was okay).  Em wasn’t feeling great, so she didn’t get any.  We went ahead and went back to the room and called it a night.

So, I’m not sure what was up with Chris this time.  Normally, he’s all advocating for going back to the room in the middle of the day or calling it a night really early.  THIS time, I think he’d lost his mind.  A few days before we left, he comes up with the idea that since Epcot closes at 9pm and Magic Kingdom had extra magic hours and was open late, we should have dinner, then head over to MK to see Wishes and ride some of the rides at night.  After having been in a car all day long.  Yeah.  I think he’d lost his mind.  Listen, I hate the idea of leaving in the middle of the day for a rest.  First, I like to power through.  Second, it takes SO MUCH TIME to get the bus back and forth.  And?  I hate napping.  Look at all that time you’re wasting!  We’re at Disney!  But, I’m not a fan of super late nights either.  Needless to say, Chris’s plan didn’t happen.


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