Posted by: wildflowerz | September 30, 2015

Disney, Day Two – Universal Islands of Adventure & Universal Studios

Yes, technically not Disney, but whatever.

12027788_10154257682298327_1467022501844316065_nSunday we got up and had breakfast at our hotel before driving over to Universal.  In our original plan, we planned to do Islands of Adventure on Sunday and Studios on Wednesday.  But we use and when I made the plans for both those days, they had us ending ridiculously early.  So we pared down a few things and decided to attempt it on one day.  We did IoA first, though we probably should have done US first since it opens an hour earlier, but whatever.  We got our tickets and headed to the Marvel area to ride The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man.  The line was super short.  We went right over to Doctor Doom’s Fearfall, which also had a super short line.  Sadly, the Incredible Hulk coaster was down for refurb.  😦 After Marvel, we went over to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter area.  Em was finally tall enough to ride Dragon Challenge.  So we rode twice, once on each coaster.  We were disappointed to see that they evidently aren’t running the two coasters at the same time any more.  But the line was super short too.  Sadly this ride requires that you go through metal detectors and you can’t bring ANYTHING on the ride, including your phone.  The whole locker situation at Universal is highly annoying, but at least you don’t have to pay for them.  Anyway, next we went on Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, then Flight of the Hippogriff.  The line for Forbidden was a little longer, about 15 minutes.  But Hippogriff was only about 5 minutes.  Somewhere in there, we got a Butter Beer.  Guys.  I don’t know if my tastes have changed or they’ve gotten better, but it was YUM!  We then headed to the Hogsmeade Station of the Hogwarts Express.  Also, no real line.  This took us over to Universal Studios.


We first decided to do lunch.  We headed over to the Simpsons area for food.  Chris had tacos.  Em had pizza.  I had a chicken sandwich and applesauce.  It was…meh.  We then went to a spur of the moment show of Animal Actors on Location.  It was kinda cute.  Then we headed over to ride the Simpsons Ride, followed by Men in Black.  After those, we went to the ET Adventure, then headed to Production Central to ride the new Transformers ride.  MAYBE if I were actually into the Transformers, I would have liked this one.  But it was stupid and made no sense.  I couldn’t tell which transformer was trying to “help” us and which one was trying to “kill” us.  The ride is exactly like Spiderman though.  After that, we stood in a long line for Despicable Me.  12036515_10154258420743327_2286304250950583587_nAfter that, we stood in line for Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit.  I think those two were the only ones we had a big line for.  We headed over to the New York area to ride the Revenge of the Mummy.  That one’s pretty cool.  There’s one part with an awesome fire on the ceiling effect.  We then headed to the Harry Potter area.  I got another Butterbeer and Em and Chris got ice cream at Fortesque’s.  We looked around a bit before heading to Ollivanders to wait a bit for it to start.  I thought it was just going to be us and another adult couple, but at the last minute, more people arrived.  So, Em didn’t get picked for the wand sorting.  Oh well.  We rode the Hogwarts Express back to King’s Cross station and then left the park.

For dinner, we had reservations at Boma.  We went to our room to change and then just drove over there instead of taking the buses.  The buses are great for getting to the parks, but from resort to resort they’re a pain in the butt.  Boma’s at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  It’s an all you can eat buffet of African food.  It was really yummy.  It had a lot of meat, a few sides and breads, and a few soups.  And lots of desserts.  This was Chris’s favorite meal of the trip, I think.  After dinner, we drove back to our room and slept.IMG_20150920_110814949

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