Posted by: wildflowerz | October 2, 2015

Disney, Day Five – Epcot, Downtown Disney, Spirit of Aloha

Wednesday was breakfast in the room once again before heading to Epcot.  This was originally supposed to be the day we did Universal, but since we did that all in one day, we had a free day this day.  Em chose to do Epcot.  We also decided we’d like to do Downtown Disney.  So, we went to Epcot first since most things at DtD didn’t open until 10am.  We rode Soarin’ first, after we stopped at a Fast Pass kiosk to make some FPs.  We then headed over to Test Track to use one of those FPs.  After that, we took a bus to our hotel, then another bus down to Downtown Disney.

12036891_10154265731763327_8003674322737224286_nWe did lunch at the Wolfgang Puck counter service in the Marketplace.  We all three had yummy pizza.  Em had a horrible brownie and Chris and I had adequate cheesecake.  After that, we looked around in some shops, getting tees for both Em and I.  We walked the entire length, then took the boat back to the Marketplace.  We took a bus back to our hotel and decided to do a pool break for a bit.  After the pool and showers, we took a bus back to Epcot. We decided to do a walk around the world.  We hit the frozen marg stand in Mexico for some refreshment for Chris and I.  Em got some friendship bracelets for her two best friends in the Mexico pavilion.  Chris REALLY wanted to see the Chinese Acrobats, though no one else really cared to and I actively didn’t want to stand out in the sun.  We tried to see them, but it started raining and they cut it short.  A YouTube Disney show was filming and we had to sign releases for Em to be in it.  It’s called WDW Best Day Ever.  It’s not up yet.  I just checked.  We finished walking through the World before we hit the monorail to the Polyneisan for dinner.

Guys.  I was so tired.  And so not into it at that point.  My feet were extremely swollen and I was super hot.  But, on we went.  We got there and had to stand in line to check in.  We had ADRs for the later show this time, rather than the earlier one.  We didn’t wait too very long before we were seated.  The food came quickly and we filled up just as quickly.  The show was almost the same as last time, but it was cooler because the fire stuff was at night.  We finished up around 10pm and had some bad news.  Evidently, the monorail stops running at 10pm.  Who knew?  So, we had to find a bus to Downtown Disney, then transfer to a bus to our hotel.  The bus was there when we got to the bus stop and tons of people were just milling around instead of getting on, so we hopped on.  Once we got to DtD, we got in an already long line to our hotel.  It took about 45 minutes before a bus came.  Seriously.  It was after midnight by the time we finally got back to our hotel.  UG.


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