Posted by: wildflowerz | October 2, 2015

Disney, Day Six – Animal Kingdom

12006334_10154267236118327_7282813995390669048_nOn Thursday we did breakfast in the room again before heading to Animal Kingdom. We got there just before opening again and headed straight to Kilimanjaro Safaris. Remember when this first opened and there was that whole bit about getting away from poachers? Then they dropped that part? Well, they’ve added a bit about it back into the commentary, but nothing major. Next, we went to do Festival of the Lion King. THIS is my favorite show at Disney. In fact, it might be the only one I actually like. I mean, I don’t like the Finding Nemo show AT ALL. I’m not crazy about the Beauty and the Beast one at HS. What other ones are there? Anyway, I love this show and even suffer through bleacher seats to watch it.

We did Flights of Wonder next, which is a bird show, but actually entertaining.  Following that, we stopped at Tamu Tamu Refreshments and each got giant ice cream sandwichs with hand scooped vanilla between two large chocolate chocolate chip cookies.  Yum!  We hit Dinosaur next, then went to do Expedition Everest twice in the single rider line before lunch. Lunch.  Guys.  I officially declare Yak & Yeti my FAVORITE restaurant at Disney.  We waited 15 or so minutes to get seating.  While waiting in line to check in, Em spies one of her TKD instructors through the doorway, so she goes over to say hi.  For lunch, Em had a burger and fries (adventurous, she is not).  Chris had some seafood thing.  But me?  I had the ribs.  The yummy, yummy ribs.  I like ribs, but they aren’t a huge thing for me.  They’re incredibly bad for you so I almost never get them.  But these ribs.  I could write a love sonnet in ode to them.  They’ve got this yum hoison sauce on them and they fall off the bone.  They came with an Asian slaw and chicken fried rice.  Heaven.  For dessert, I’d heard that the mango pie was THE thing to get.  I only sometimes like Mango, but I was unsure.  But I was SO FULL from the ribs, I decided to go for the Mango and if I didn’t like it, I was already full.  Well, I had to make room in my belly because it was SO good.  Easily in my top 5 desserts at Disney.  For sure. 12003367_10154267727488327_2207551978377682365_n

We waddled out of Yak & Yeti and used our Fast Pass for Everest.  Then we hopped on a bus back to our hotel to hit the pool for a little while.  Originally, we were going to do Downtown Disney on this afternoon.  Then, keeping an eye on the weather, it was supposed to rain in the evening.  So we were trying to come up with something to do, so we were going to go to Splitsville, the bowling place at DtD.  However, then it didn’t rain.  But we were EXHAUSTED and still stuffed from lunch.  So what do we do?  We go to the movies.  Scorch Trials, the Maze Runner sequel had come out the previous Friday.  We went to the AMC at DtD to see it.  We were on the side where you can order food and watch a movie.  Let me tell you that AMC knows how to do this. We’ve got a place near-ish us that does this called Studio Movie Grill.  It’s awful.  They’ve got you sitting in these rolling office chairs and you’re packed really tight up against each other.  If you movie, it jogs everyone down the line.  Annoying.  But this AMC has regular movie seats, but extra wide and extra comfy.  I totally like to kick back and put my feet up on the rails and there’s places to do that at every seat under the counter where you eat.  It was awesome.

Oh, but back to the movie.  I read the first book, but didn’t continue.  Em read the whole series and loved it.  She was SO upset.  Like, on the verge of tears upset.  The “crazy people” in the book, evidently were just crazy.  In the movie, they were like super fast moving zombies.  I’m not sure if it just scared her or she was just upset that they didn’t follow the plot at all and was over-tired, but she was not happy.

After the movie, we went to Earl of Sandwich.  I’d heard that this place was fabulous.  I thought it was alright.  I was tired of turkey sandwiches, so I got a buffalo chicken wrap.  It was alright.  This place, you pick either a dessert or a side, so you actually get less food than all the other counter service places.  That was okay this night because, honestly?  I was still stuff from lunch!  We each had yummy cupcakes for dessert and then headed back to our room.


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