Posted by: wildflowerz | September 24, 2016

Disney – Day 1 – Epcot Evening

So, I haven’t written in ages and ages, but we went to Disney and I like doing these, so here we go.

Last Saturday we got up early, dropped the dog off at the kennel and headed down to Disney.  We got there around 4 or so.  This time around, you can do ALL of your checking in to your hotel online and ahead of time.  So around 2:30, we get a text telling us our room number!  Awesome!  So we get there, lug all our stuff to our room and then head out.  We always go to Epcot our first day for the food.  We usually eat at Epcot multiple times, but this time it was just our first night.  Food and Wine had already started and those booths were PACKED.  Since we were headed soon to dinner, we didn’t bother with any of those booths.

We had picked Fast Passes for the Character Spot at 4:50p, Frozen Ever After at 6:35p, and Mission:  SPACE at 7:35pm.  We had dinner planned for 7:10p at Via Napoli.  The Character Spot, we did because we were under the mistaken impression that this was to see Baymax, Joy, and Sadness.  We figured out before we got there that that wasn’t the case, but there wasn’t really anything to change it to, so we left it as it was.  Frozen Ever After was the first FP I made.  Mission: SPACE we figured we probably wouldn’t do because it was after dinner and it’s a bit vomit-inducing, but, again, there just wasn’t much to make a FP for!

First there, we ride Spaceship Earth.  Not sure what was up with this ride this week, but the part where it takes your picture and then puts it into the video at the end wasn’t working.  Also the part where you enter your info and it shows you on the map as you exit the ride also wasn’t working.  This was true for when we rode it again on our full Epcot day.  Next we go to our FP for the Character Spot and met Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy.  Em danced with Minnie.  We then went to see Baymax because Big Hero Six is one of our favorite movies.  Em and Chris both got hugs.  It was too cute.  We like Inside Out, but don’t LOOOVE it and the line was long, so we skipped Joy and Sadness.

We then went on to do Mission: SPACE since the line wasn’t bad at all.  It usually isn’t.  Of course, we rode Orange.  Next it was on to do Frozen Ever After in Norway.  We made our FP so we could do it right before dinner and it was on our way to our reservation.  We scan our FP and get in line.  Nothing is moving inside.  Pretty soon, we get the announcement that the ride’s broken.  We wait for a bit and then I get an email.  It says that we have an all access FP that we can use for anything the rest of the night if we want.  So we wind our way back to the ride entrance.  They won’t let us out that way and direct us to the other end.  So, we have to pass all the people still in the line who are grumbling and thinking we’re trying to skip over them and get ahead.  So that was annoying.  However, when we were leaving, we got a paper FP good for at least a week for anything at Epcot.  Since we were planning on coming back for a full Epcot day, this was great!  We planned to use our emailed FP before we left for Frozen if it came back up and then use the paper one when we came back to do it again.

We went ahead and made our way to Italy for our dinner reservation. We looked around Italy until it was time and then headed to Via Napoli.  This was Em’s pick.  We had originally decided to try Tutto Italia instead since we’d never been there, but had done Via Napoli twice.  We ended up changing it since Em LOVES pizza and we didn’t have any plans for anywhere else with pizza.  And VN has GOOD pizza.  So, we all did pizza and all opted for the ugly dessert, which was basically an ice cream sundae.  It was all super tasty, but despite the Lactaid it killed my stomach.  I stayed away from most dairy the rest of the week.

Frozen was STILL down when we finished and since Em LOVES Test Track, we used our FP for that instead.  After that, we stopped at Mouse Gear since they have an excellent selection of mouse ears.  Em got the headband kind again, but got some cute Jack Skellington ones this time.  Super cute.  We then headed back to our room for the evening.  We planned on a super busy day the next day, so we went to sleep early.


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