Posted by: wildflowerz | September 24, 2016

Disney – Day 3 – Hollywood Studios

For this day, we made no ADRs and planned to just do counter service.  We already had our lunch picked out for sure, but decided dinner would be either here or at Disney Springs, to be determined later.  The tentative plan was to make it back here for the Star Wars fireworks.  Our FPs were for Star Tours at 9:10am, Toy Story at 10:15am, and Tower of Terror at 11:30am.

First thing, we headed to Rock N Roller Coaster.  This one gives me a headache too.  So when we finished, Chris and Em rode it as a Single Rider.  Then we did The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.  We then headed over to Star Tours to use our FP.  We got some new content we hadn’t seen before AND BB8 at the end.  We immediately got back in line and rode it again, seeing even more “new to us” stuff.  We then headed over to Toy Story and used our FP for that.  Afterwards, we did The Great Movie Ride.  We hadn’t done this one in ages and it actually had a line this time.  Probably because so much is closed at HS.  After that, we went to Starring Rolls for our FAVORITE quick service.  I had the ham sandwich (YUM!) and the Butterfinger Cupcake.  Em had the ham too, but had the Darth Vader cupcake.  She declared it the best cupcake she’s ever had.  I’d say the same about the Butterfinger one…and I’m not even a huge fan of Butterfinger!

After lunch, went to Tower of Terror to use our FP.  We then saw one of the Star Wars movies before going to meet Chewbacca and Kylo Ren.  We looked around in the Star Wars Launch Bay after that.  I thought it would be bigger with more merch, so I was a little disappointed in that.  While in line for Tower, we made more FPs for Rock N’ Roller Coaster, so we did that next.  We then went to see Muppets 3D and then saw Star Wars:  A Galaxy Far, Far Away.  We went back to our room to rest for a bit before heading down to Disney Springs.

The new bus stop area for the resorts is more in the middle of Disney Springs, rather than on the end near Rainforest Cafe.  I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not a high-end, high maintenance kind of person when it comes to clothes and such.  I don’t pay a lot of money for…well…much of anything, but especially not clothes, shoes, purses, etc.  (Excepting running shoes. 🙂  So, I REALLY don’t care about the whole new shopping stuff at DS.  I care nothing about Lilly Pulitzer, Anthropologie, Kate Spade, MAC, Lucky, Tommy Bahama, Sperry, etc, etc, etc.  And if I did want that stuff, I wouldn’t be shopping for it at Disney.  When I’m at Disney, I want Disney stuff.  So, that whole part is so totally lost to me.  So, that area is all very pretty, but our family doesn’t care anything at all about it.  We passed it all by.  We looked at everything, but we only bought anything really at World of Disney.  I got a cute Disney tee, Em got a Baymax stuffed doll and a Stitch tee, and Chris got a Baymax coffee mug.  We had them all delivered to our room.  Before World of Disney, we did dinner.  It had started raining just before dinner…and raining fairly badly.  So DS was fairly empty.  We used umbrellas and stowed them in gallon ziploc bags when we went into stores.

Anyway, for dinner we tried the new D-Luxe Burger.  I got the Cluck Burger, Chris got the Diablo (ground beef mixed with chorizo sausage), and Em got the regular cheeseburger.  We all got fries.  At DS, we’ve noticed, that you can get a dessert OR a side, which is different from in the parks where you got both.  They only dessert they had was a hamburger macaroon or something?  We skipped and just did fries.  It was all super yummy.  Em LOVED her burger.  We went on after dinner, looking all around.  I got a gift for a friend (which I won’t mention, even though I’m pretty sure she doesn’t read this).  We then went to the Goofy Candy Company and got desserts.  I got a cupcake.  Em got a brownie and Chris got a cake pop.  We then walked back to the bus stop area (which is FAAAARRRR!).  We’ve gotten used to the fact that since we do the cheap resorts, our bus stops are going to be the farthest away.  But this one was the longest walk we’ve had to make yet.  Wow!


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