Posted by: wildflowerz | September 24, 2016

Disney – Day 5 – Magic Kingdom

This day we started out by having breakfast at our hotel.  Pop Century, did I mention that?  We usually plan on doing hotel breakfast our first and last day.  However, since we’d have Food & Wine going this time, we decided not to do breakfast our first day, so we had three extra quick credits.  Then we didn’t use any on Epcot day, so we had a total of 6 to use.  So, we went MK morning since it was going to be a LONG day.

We had 11:30am reservations for Be Our Guest (which we ordered our food for the night before) and 5:55pm reservations for the new Jungle Navigation Company Skipper Canteen.  We had FPs for 9:55am Peter Pan, 10:55pm Seven Dwarfs, and 1:15p Splash Mountain.  This we had planned on being a long day.  I made our touring plan to go to Tomorrowland first, then head counter-clockwise.  That would put us in Fantasyland for Peter Pan and Seven Dwarfs around lunch time, so we could do Be Our Guest, then head around putting us in Adventureland to ride the Jungle Cruise right before dinner, since they had the same theme.

Well, it didn’t work out that way.  Friends from Chris and Em’s Taekwondo studio were also down here so we planned to meet up out front and ride some stuff together early.  The bus took forever, so we didn’t get there until the Welcome Show was mostly done, but we did find them before rope drop.  We all headed over to do Space Mountain.  After that, we were all going to head over to do Buzz Lightyear.  Except it was having issues and was down.  So, we decided to do the Laugh Floor.  Except it didn’t open until 10!  Gah!  Already our plan is messed up!  We went over to Dumbo and Chris and Em rode it with our friends while I went to find a restroom.  We met back up and all did Under the Sea together.  At that point, we split up.  Haunted Mansion had a short line, we went went to do that before heading back to Fantasyland to use our FP for Peter Pan.  We then did Mickey’s Philharmagic and It’s a Small World.  Em didn’t want to do the later, but we hadn’t done it in a while, so we rode.  We then used our FP for Seven Dwarfs before heading to lunch at BoG.  We’d eaten in the two side rooms, so we ate in the big middle room this time.  I like The West Wing for dinner and the Portrait Gallery for lunch better.  I had the turkey sandwich.  It was good, but had TOO much bread.  I ordered it with green beans, but it came with fries.  I didn’t care enough to fix it.  Chris had the quiche and salad and Em had the ham and cheese.  For dessert, I had strawberry, Chris had lemon, and Em had chocolate.  Mine was yum.  We all enjoyed it.

After lunch, we headed over to ride Pirates of the Caribbean.  We then did the Enchanted Tiki Room (which I can totally do without from now on).  Then it was on to Splash Mountain.  We headed back to Tomorrowland to ride Buzz Lightyear since it was back up.  We took a relaxing ride on the People Mover while Space Mountain was down.  Then we went to the Laugh Floor.  After that, we rode Space Mountain because it was back up and hadn’t developed a long line again.  We had made a FP for Jungle Cruise while we were in line for Splash Mountain, so we went and did that one then.  It had long lines all day, so instead of waiting to do it right before dinner, we did this instead.  While in line for Jungle Cruise, we made FPs for Pirates again and did that.  We then road Haunted Mansion again. This line was a bit much because so much is outside in the heat.  We were so tired and I was done that we went to Skipper Canteen to see if they could seat us 30 or so minutes early.  They seated us right away!

Okay, so Skipper Canteen is new.  The decoration if cool.  We sat in the first main room, but evidently there’s another room that looks even better.  The staff here all behaves exactly like the tour guides on the Jungle Cruise, so you know what you’re getting into.  The Ethiopian bread with fenugreek honey that everyone gets was not good.  I have nightmares of fenugreek from when I was breastfeeding and the bread by itself is extremely dry and doesn’t taste great at all.  Chris had the noodle bowl.  He was extremely underwhelmed.  I had the steak.  Part of it had chimichurri and part had avocado salsa.  The part with chimichurri was good.  It also had Yucca planks, which were like large french fries, but less greasy.  They were also good.  I can’t tell you about the salsa because of what Em got.  She got the Tastes Like Chicken Because It Is.  It’s fried chicken on top of rice.  It was very tasty.  I know because it was too spicy for her, so I had to eat it while she took my steak.  It was tasty, but I really wanted to steak, so yeah.  For dessert, Em and I both had Kungaloosh without the coffee dust.  It was fine, but nothing special.  Chris had the coconut bar.  None of us were especially impressed.  Chris said, “Well, at least it isn’t Tony’s!”  So yeah.  After dinner, we headed back to the hotel.


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