Posted by: wildflowerz | September 24, 2016

Disney – Day 6 – Animal Kingdom

So for our last day, we had early lunch reservations for 11am at Yak & Yeti.  We made them early so we could eat early at Raglan Road in Disney Springs and then head back to see the Tree of Life stuff at AK.  We had FPs for Kilimangaro Safaris at 9a, Espedition Everest at 10:10a, and Kali River Rapids at 2:05p.

We first headed over towards Kilimanjaro Safaris to use our FP.  We got one for this because there’s just a lot that you need one for here.  You really don’t need one for the Safari if you go first thing.  But whatever.  We stopped and got Em’s face painted first since there was no one there and she always does this on AK day.  We then did the Safari.  It was a good day and we saw a lot of animals.  After that, we headed over to do Expedition Everest since there wasn’t much of a line.  We then headed to Dinoland and did Primeval Whirl and Triceratop Spin.  We came back to Asia and rode Expedition Everest with our FPs. Then we headed to lunch.

We checked in and watched while they seated EVERYONE that was there before and after us.  I was so tired and hot that it was just good to sit in the AC.  After 20 minutes, Chris went to ask.  They never printed out the slip, so we got missed.  To make up for it, they gave us a free app.  We got some yummy pot stickers.  I got my FAVORITE, the Korean BBQ ribs.  This time, they came on top of shoestring fries.  Last time, it was fried rice.  The fries were good, but I prefer the rice.  The ribs were, of course, SUPER yum.  This is my favorite regular meal food at WDW.  I highly recommend it.  Em had the burger, which she loved.  Chris had the steak and coconut shrimp and liked it a lot.  For dessert, Chris and I both had mango pie.  This is one of my favorite desserts at Disney.  Em had the sorbets.  She liked them, but I don’t think she loved them.

After lunch, we went to Festival of the Lion King.  This is the best show at Disney.  Actually, we don’t like any of the shows but this one, but this one IS really good.  After that, we headed back to Asia again and Em and I rode Expedition Everest as Single Riders.  Then Em rode it again as a Single.  It’s her favorite ride at Disney. After that we headed back to the room.

So, we hung out in the room for a while, but by 3 we were a little hungry.  I thought it would be fine to go to the POP dining area and get a small snack.  Our dinner was at 5, but I thought it would be okay.  I had a small cupcake.  Chris had a Mickey Bar.  But Em got an ice cream sandwich between two large chocolate chip cookies.  It was easily enough for 4.  She ate 1/2 to 2/3 of it.  So, none of was was hungry for dinner at 5pm.  So, we shuffled.  We were going to eat breakfast this day but due to a miscommunication, we didn’t.  So, we still had 9 unaccounted-for quick service meals.  We planned to use 3 the next day before we left.  When we went for snacks at Pop, for some reason, Chris converted a quick service to snacks since we were getting 3.  So, we had 5 quick credits and 3 snacks to use before we left.  And because we had planned on Em eating kids meals most of the time, we were out of Table Service credits.  I went on the app and went to see if I could push back our Raglan Road by an hour or so.  The only reservation was 8:15, so I changed it.  Then Chris had the idea that we could just eat Quick Service at Disney Springs and go to Raglan Road for dessert.

So, we decided we’d do Wolfgang Puck.  I had a really yummy Asian salad.  Chris had ravioli and Em had Mac & Cheese.  We then wasted time looking around DS before our 8:15 Raglan Road.  We finally are bored and just ready to be done, so we head to Raglan about 20 minutes early.  Chris goes ahead and checks us in and they seat us in 5 minutes.  I get some fruity strawberry mimos and Chris gets a beer flight.  This was a bad idea on my part.  I was hot and it was pretty warm inside Raglan with all those people.  I shouldn’t have gotten the drink because I was pretty miserable by the time our food came.  Also, I was still full from dinner and only ate about half my dessert.  Chris and I got the bread and butter pudding.  I’ve been dreaming about this dessert since our trip before last.  I even made it back at either Thanksgiving or Christmas time.  It wasn’t as good as Raglan’s, but not bad.  So, I was a bit disappointed when this one didn’t live up to my memory.  It was very good.  But honestly, I think I liked both the mango pie and the Butterfinger cupcake much better.  Em had something chocolatey that was pretty small and she only ate half of, even though she said she liked it.  After dinner we headed back to the hotel.


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