Posted by: wildflowerz | September 24, 2016

Disney – Day 7 – Departure and Random Stuff

We woke up Friday and finished what little packing we had left.  We loaded the car and headed to the hotel cafeteria for breakfast.  We ran into some more friends from Taekwondo there!  After breakfast, we loaded up and headed home.  It was a long drive and we got back to town during Friday rush hour traffic.  So it took us an hour and a half to get home through Atlanta.  Ug.  But we made it.

Disney Rash

I got it.  It sucked. I think what I got was Exercise-Induced Vasculitis.  I usually get this at Disney.  But this time it was so much worse.  The name makes it sound like people get it who aren’t very active, but then suddenly are at Disney.  I’m fairly active.  I gym in 5x a week, doing running, walking, elliptical and weights.  I usually get between 15k and 20k steps a day.  And my Disney steps were one day of 25k, but mostly 18-20k.  So it wasn’t THAT much more than what I normally do.  But when I’m on my feet, my ankles swell.  At Disney you’re constantly on your feet.  Even if you aren’t walking, you’re standing a lot.  That’s really tough on me.  So, I think it was more the heat and swelling that made it so bad.  I had a dark red rash on the back of my legs and by the end of the day, a lighter pink rash all up the bottoms of my legs.  I had cankles and lots of swelling in my lower legs.  It was so bad that when I bent my knees, my lower legs felt like they were going to pop.  Our car ride home made the swelling pretty bad yesterday.  Today, there’s still a small bit of swelling and a small rash, but it’s tons better.

The Heat

We live in Georgia, so we’re used to rather humid heat.  But at home, we stay inside most of the time except when we go to the pool, so I’m not used to this Florida swampy weather.  This is the third time we’ve gone down at this time of year and it’s the worst I’ve felt.  I guess I’m in worse shape?  Chris says it feels like it always does.  But I could NOT stay dry.  If I was outside for more than 3 minutes, I was soaked.  Like, sweat pouring off my face and my entire back was slick with it.  Gross.  I was fairly miserable the entire time.  I had a mister fan.  I didn’t use the mister part much because I felt like I was already wet.  The fan didn’t cool very well.  I had a Frogg Togg towel and that helped a bit.  But yuck.

The Food.  And the Weight.

I’ve been doing fairly well on Weight Watchers lately.  But I didn’t plan to worry about it while we were down at WDW.  And I didn’t.  But honestly, about half way through, I was just tired of eating so much.  But I kept doing it!  Dessert with every meal…feeling stuffed all the time…it wasn’t a fun feeling.  I don’t remember it ever bothering me that much in the past.  But this time, I just felt ug.  I think the heat had a lot to do with that too, though.  About the food:  we got free dining.  We got the Quick Service free with a budget hotel, but we upgraded to the regular that gives you one snack, one quick, and one table a day.  I heard that next year, it will change and you won’t get a dessert with lunch, but you’ll get two snacks a day instead.  I think that might help a lot.  But I tried to make a note of all that we would have spent if we had paid for what we eat.  I plan on making a spreadsheet and seeing how that compares to what we paid for the plan, as well as what we would have spent had we had to pay for it ourselves.  I’ll write something up later if it’s particularly enlightening.  I also checked my scale.  I gained about 7.5lbs while we were down there.  However, I know that at least a little is water weight and from the swelling.  So, I think a better show will be what I weigh next Friday after a week back on track.


Here are my steps and miles for the week:

  • Saturday – Epcot Evening:  13,448 steps, 5.62 miles
  • Sunday – Universal:  25,059 steps, 10.46 miles
  • Monday – Hollywood Studios:  21,317 steps, 8.90 miles
  • Tuesday – Epcot:  21,027 steps, 8.78 miles,
  • Wednesday – Magic Kingdom:  18,903 steps, 7.90 miles
  • Thursday – Animal Kingdom:  19,238 steps, 8.04 miles
  • TOTAL:  118,992 steps, 49.70 miles

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