Posted by: wildflowerz | March 5, 2017

Hey, you tell your friends it was nice to meet them. But I hope I never see them again.

Two in one day?!  What?

This weekend, we went to another tournament in Gatlinburg.  We originally didn’t plan to go to this one.  We generally only go to local tournaments and ones on weekends when Em doesn’t have school right before or right after.  Otherwise, it’s usually too much.  But Em had already decided that she didn’t want to compete heavy next year.  And she’s really trying to go for it this year.  She’s already qualified to compete at Districts (which you win an actual tournament for), but  we wanted to make sure she would win a State title (which comes only from points from tournaments during the year).  Right now, she’s winning the State title in Forms.  She doesn’t have a ton of points, but no one else in GA has very many at all.  But in weapons, she was 5 points behind the leader.  With Gatlinburg, she’s attending 7 tournaments this tournament year.  And she can count the top 5.  She has a 2nd in Weapons at a B (3 Points), which she could replace with a 1st at a B (5 Points) or a 1st (8 Points) or 2nd (5 Points) at an A.  So,we wanted to give her more chances .  We went to a B in Pigeon Forge this past summer and this is the same people doing this one.  It’s just in a different (but close to the other) place.  It was really well run and Em had a good (and easy) ring.  So, off we went.

At the Pigeon Forge (PF) tournament, we had SUCH a good time.  We spent entirely too much money and our hotel was horrendous, but everything else was fab.  It was probably the best run tournament we’d ever been to.  Everything moved along very quickly and efficiently.  THIS time, we decided to come just for the tournament.  We left Friday after school and arrived around 8:30pm.  The hotel was 8000% better than the PF hotel.  We had a good sleep and got up and went to the tournament.  We had to be there at 7:30am, so we were up early.  The facility was SO much nicer.  We ran into some friends we hadn’t seen in a while…a girl who goes to Em’s actual school and used to go to her TKD school.  Em was in the first round, so she already had a ring number, which is always the best.  She wasn’t acting like herself.  She said she felt really tired and stiff and just wasn’t interested in warming up much.  We were hoping for a small ring and since there were only 3 at PF and they did NOT combine with the 2nd degrees, we were hopeful.  Yeah, not so much.  It was the NC 2nd degree from Charleston and another 2nd degree we’d not seen before.  Then there was the NC girl with the high kicks, as well as the jerk Florida 1st degree who beat on Em in Charleston.  There was also another 1st degree from Kentucky.  Gah.

Em did her form and she got 8,5,7.  On Forms, one judge does hands.  One does feet.  And one does overall.  So those scores mean that the foot judge gave her an 8.  The Hands gave her a 7.  And the center gave her a 5.  NO idea why.  Her form was good.  She did all the moves correctly and she ended in the correct place.  The rude girl from Florida got a 6,7,7.  She didn’t have a lot of power.  He form was sloppy.  And the ended an entire stance (about 3 feet) in the wrong spot.  I just have no idea.  We recorded her’s and NC 1st degree for her instructor to watch.  As well as her’s, of course.  So, those scores mean she and the rude Emily tied for 3rd.  When that happens, they do their forms again and the three judges just point at the person they thought did better.  They all voted for the other girl.  /shrug  So, she ended up 4th in forms…no points.

She came and told us that she didn’t feel well after the first time she did her form.  (Before the tie.)  She looked a little pale and said her stomach didn’t feel well.  We told her to sit down and rest a bit.  If she didn’t feel like doing either sparring, she didn’t have to.  So, she did.  She did her Weapons form and, even sick, she kicked ass.  She beat the same 2nd degree from Charleston again.  Once again by only one point.  Woot!  After that, she bowed out of Sparring and said she’d make a decision on Combat Sparring once Sparring was done.  She ended up opting out of that one too.  We didn’t figure that riding in a car in a super curvy road would be good for someone with an upset stomach.  We also had a friend to watch.  So, Em sat down and rested while we waited.

The friend staged and her ring started immediately.  She had the same ring and judges as Em did, but lots more competition.  She SHOULD have been first.  Most of the girls were no competition.  She tied for first with a girl who really wasn’t as good. But the other girl won.  Then she did weapons.  She had a minor flub with her sword and was a bit upset.  So, my sweet girl who wasn’t feeling well, still went to talk to her and help her feel better. This girl tends to be pretty hard on herself for stuff like that…just like Em.  Anyway, it was a three way tie for First.  They all went again.  The friend did her form perfectly this time.  One of the other girls did a cane form (which, according to Em’s teachers, they aren’t supposed to do until you’re a much higher degree black belt…and these were color belts, but what do I know).  She was really good.  She ended up winning.  Luckily, our friend got 2nd.  She totally deserved 2nd though…the other girl wasn’t great at all.  Our friend decided not to spar this time.  She doesn’t like it either and the points won’t get her the state title, so she just didn’t do them.  So, we were just waiting for them to be done and Em jumps up and runs to the restroom.  She came back soon and had been sick.  So we decided to go ahead and leave.  We stopped for lunch for Chris and I on our way out and Em was sick again.  She made it all the way home, but was sick a few times then.  By the time it was bed time, she was better and feels good so far today.  So, finger’s crossed.

Now you’re all caught up.  We have a local tournament next weekend.  Well, it’s an hour away, but it doesn’t require a hotel.  Fortunately, Em gets to go first.  It’s always best because when she has to wait around all day, she gets super tired and really is over it by the time it’s time to compete.  But she still loves to help out and watch her friends, so we still have to be there.  UNfortunately, the first round is at 7:30am and since we’re an hour away, we have to leave here at 6am!  So we have to get up at 5am!  Holy hell.  Anyway, after that, we’ve got an A tournament (more local…only 30m away) Easter weekend.  Then that’s all until Districts on May 20.  Whew!

Well, this was kinda long too, so I guess I’ll have to make another post when we’re talking about me.  It’s diet-y stuff.  So stay tuned.


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