About Jenn

I’m Jenn.  I’m a SaHM.  I have one little girl and one husband.  I’m primarily a geek.  I’m a dork about some things and a nerd about others.  I’m shy.  I’m a pessimist.  I’m a homebody.  I love tv.  I love to read.  I play too much World of Warcraft.  I’m socially liberal and very out of place in my crimson state.

This blog’s about me.  I don’t claim to be a great writer.  (‘Cause I’m not.)  I don’t promise this will be terribly revolutionary or even interesting.  I struggle with my weight and I hope to work out some stuff here.  I also will probably talk about a lot of geeky stuff.

And I reserve the right to change any of the above at my whim.


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