Posted by: wildflowerz | September 21, 2010

Never win first place. I don’t support the team. I can’t take direction and my socks are never clean.

My mom came over just before lunch yesterday.  We 3 went out to J. Christopher’s for lunch.  (Yes again.)  The one near us is FINALLY open.  It’s really nice!  Nicer than the other JCs I’ve been to.  Not a small part of that’s because there’s a good bit of carpet on the floor so it’s not so freakin’ loud.  It’s also got windows on 3 sides and is much sunnier and airier than the others I’ve been to.  So, nice lunch.  My mom took Em home with her and I lazed about the rest of the afternoon.  Tried to watch that Ethan Hawke vampire flick, but couldn’t get into it.  I finished a book and started a new one.

Chris came home and we went out to Mexican for dinner.  We had extra time before the movie started, so we went to Borders.  Jenn Heaven #2!  I got the Pretty Little Liars book that the library’s missing.  I also got the first of Shannon Butcher’s series.  Then, Chris and I jointly got Young Miles, Bujold’s 1st 2 books and a short story of her spacy series.  I’m reading her fantasy one now.  Chris is more into the spacy, so he might like this one too.  He picked up 3 other new books too.  After that, we headed to the AMC to see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.  It was…interesting.  🙂  I liked it, but it was really odd.  Knives was super cute.  Has she been in other stuff?  I must imdb her.

Tv really started up last night.  Chris and I are already having a hard time watching all the joint tv stuff together.  It’s going to be impossible now, I think.  I’m watching Chuck right now.  I’ve also got Lone Star…not sure if Chris is interested in that or not.  He wants to give Hawaii Five-O a shot, as well as The Event.  Then, just from last night, there’s also How I Met Your Mother, Castle, and Weeds.  /sigh  I watch to much tv.  It’s like an addiction.  If I had a job, there’s no way I could do this, but I multitask, so it’s not that hard.  But this is a LOT of tv.  24 1/2 hours if you count time slots of all the stuff I’ve got that’s started or starting in the next two months.  Only 7 1/2 of that is new stuff.  I’m such a dork.  I don’t care though.



  1. Sounds like a fun time, out with the Hubs, book shopping, movie. That is Shrinkin Kitteh dreeem day. 🙂 Have fun flying solo this week!

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